Rolfgator says Filian got him banned from Twitch Rivals

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Famous Twitch streamer Robert “Roflgator” Malecki has accused fellow streamer Filian of getting him banned from the Twitch Rivals event this December.

“That’s some scummy sh*t? 100% Filian?” a chat read, to which Rolfgator answered, “Oh, it’s Filian-related for sure. I would be surprised if it wasn’t.”

The streamer said he could not join the event because another participant had reported to the organizer about feeling “uncomfortable” attending the event with Rolfgator. He read out a letter sent by the organizer in his latest stream.

Rolfgator explained to his viewers why Filian was likely behind his ban from the event. The two U.S.-based streamers often collaborated in the past. However, Filian stopped working with Rolfgator after a fallout over her racist comments while streaming. According to Roflgator, she also had invited a “homophobic person” to the DJ Night.

Rolfgator explained the racist jokes Filian had made in the past, including ones involving the infamous death of George Floyd. The 33-year-old claimed that the streamer community had called Filian out for her inappropriate actions.

He added that Black streamers in the community even had approached Filian. However, the latter continued making “very racist” jokes on stream. After the fallout, Filian distanced herself not only from Rolfgator but also from other streamers.

“A couple of Black people from our community and other people from the community told them that, ‘Hey, that’s not cool what you did,’” Rolfgator said.

“And instead of apologizing or talking to those people that they offended with the racist jokes, they just left Discord and did not take responsibility for anything.”

Clips from Rolfgator’s recent stream drew traction on r/LivestreamFail. People who claimed they knew Filian’s history of making racist comments began discussing the incident. Some fans supported Rolfgator in his accusation of Filian’s involvement in his ban from Twitch Rivals. However, others were not on board with the idea, especially since the organizer’s letter did not specify the parties reporting Rolfgator.

About Rolfgator

Starting his channel in 2018, Rolfgator is one of the most renowned VR chat streamers on Twitch. He is known for his reality TV-styled gameplay, amassing thousands of viewers in every stream. The Polish descent has more than 300,000 followers on Twitch and 46,000 on Twitter.

Aside from Filian, Rolfgator has collaborated with several creators on Twitch and YouTube. People call his player community “The Gator Crew,” while his loyal followers are called the “Gatorboiz.”

Rolfgator’s experience in the gaming community dates back to 2016. He used to be a professional esports player and coach. He is known for coaching Overwatch teams like EnVision eSports and Team Envy. His rosters participated in various tournaments, ranging from qualifiers to S-tier tournaments. He eventually stopped coaching in 2018.

Twitch Rivals

Twitch Rivals is a series of tournaments that regularly takes place on the streaming platform. In this event, streamers participate in esports competitions. However, the organizer usually introduces new twists in each iteration.

In the December Twitch Rivals, eight renowned streamers led the participating teams. These captains picked their preferred players and battled for the grand prize. A total of 64 players joined four matches, with three involving eight-person teams, while the last one was a 32 vs. 32 platoon battle.

For the December event, Twitch partnered with PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS developer KRAFTON. The prize pool was worth $100,000. Players were not the only ones receiving prizes at the event. Viewers also got the chance to win in-game items, including sprays and clothes in PUBG.

Twitch Rivals, which first started in 2018, is one of the most popular recurring events on the platform. Twitch had worked with crypto exchange and fast food chain Pizza Hut to host the event’s past editions.