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Blizzard Updates Hearthstone’s Rumble Run to Ensure Balance

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Blizzard has had a lot of trouble with many of its flagship games over the last couple of years. Luckily for those who enjoy playing Hearthstone, the popular card game isn’t one of them and there is good news for 2019. The December update brought about much-needed changes that were generally regarded as a step […]

Blizzard Games at Discounted Prices until January 7 2019

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It is customary for videogame developers to release their best games around Christmas to create hype and boost sales. Many also choose to offer discounts on existing games and Blizzard Entertainment has done precisely that with many of its flagship titles. In order to make some of the disgruntled players happy, but also to expand […]

Blizzard Sheds Light on the Starcraft II WCS Winter 2019

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Blizzard found itself at the center of a major scandal in November, when the fans have accused it of forsaking its principles. Diablo fans are still upset with the company, but those who play StarCraft can agree that 2018 has been a pretty good year. Even though their favorite game is no longer in the […]