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Team Liquid’s Bjergsen finishes 2022 LCS Spring Split, highest KDA ratio 8.9

Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg has made one of his best career performances at the 2022 LCS Spring Splits playing for Team Liquid. Bjergsen recorded the highest KDA ratio of 8.9 on the leaderboard after 18 games played in the competition, as per Oracle’s Elixir.

Bjergsen’s career spans nine-year-long, and his single split KDA of 8.9 is the highest in his career. The legendary veteran mid laner also surpassed his KDA of 8.5 during the 2018 Spring Split and made a whooping KDA of 15.6 during the 2022 LCS Lock-In.

Moreover, Team Liquid’s had a blast roster performance taking the top three of the KDA leaderboard to themselves. Coming in second place is jungler Lucas “Santorin” Larsen with 6.1 and followed by team support Jo “CoreJJ” Yong-in’s 6.0 in third place.

Bjergsen’s performance, Team Liquid’s road in Spring Split

Bjergsen’s top-of-the-board performance is due to two things: first, undoubtedly his unrivaled performance of only 21 deaths in 18 games, and second, his teammate’s amazing play such as Santorin who was named second in the Player of the Game standings, only two points behind Cloud9’s Park “Summit” Woo-tae.

Additionally, Team Liquid’s top laner Gabriël “Bwipo” Rau was named Player of the Week on week two and Santorin on week eight.

The team’s performance boosted Bjergsen’s play during the competition and is well-paired with the player’s ability to stay alive, having only an average of 1.16 deaths per game.

Other than the KDA leaderboard, Team Liquid had a good run while competing against nine teams in the robin round group stage. Recording a total of 14-4 and the highest win rate of 77.78%, leading slightly far than no. 2 in the standing, Cloud9’s win rate of 72.22%.

Team Liquid dominated the playing field since the first match of the competition, recording four draws and three highest winning streaks in the 14-4 total.

Final victory against TSM, next month’s playoffs

Clinching the top spot in the playoff, Team Liquid defeated TSM with a margin-wide score of 2-0, putting the round to an end.

Additionally, Bjergsen was pushing hard against TSM and leading the team’s offense with 10 kills, three deaths, and six assists. The player is much to be credited for his amazing play. While the opposing team has Chinese professional player Mingyi “Spica” Lu with four kills, three deaths, and seven assists.

Contending very close in the second spot is Cloud9 with 13-5 and followed by 100 Thieves 12-6 behind in third, after failing to make use and take advantage of Cloud9’s defeat. 100 Thieves ended up losing to Dignitas.

The aftermath concluded with four teams for the playoffs next month, kicking off with Team Liquid against Evil Geniuses and Cloud9 playing the 100 Thieves.

Additionally, losers from both Team Liquid-Evil Geniuses and Cloud9-100 Thieves will set foot in the lower bracket of the playoffs, where the former will face FlyQuest and the latter meet the Guardians.

As for the top four, a $200,000 prize pool will be split and the top finisher will take home the highest amount of $100,000.