StarCraft II GSL Code S 2019 Group Stage 2 Starts this Week

The GSL Code S 2019 is slightly trailing the other important StarCraft II esports tournament in South Korea, but only in terms of scheduling. That’s because the Global StarCraft II League Season 2: Code S second group stage is underway and the playoffs only start at the beginning of June. Out of the 32 participating players, only 16 are still in the race and at the end of the week four more will be eliminated. 10 matches are scheduled for Wednesday and Saturday and punters can already bet on four of these key games.

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Protoss Players are Favourites in Group A

On May 22nd, all five matches of GSL Season 2: Code S Group A will take place and the odds are already available at Betway for two of these games. In both cases, Protoss players are credited with the first chance and the big favorite to qualify is Classic. Perhaps not surprisingly, he is scheduled to play the opening match against Ragnarok in the second group stage of the GSL Code S 2019. The odds on Classic win currently stand at 1/4, while a victory for Ragnarok is priced by the bookmaker at 3/1.

The other match of the group stage is far more balanced, with Hurricane being only narrow favourite over Fantasy. These two players stay true to their names and the Protoss is expected to try to steamrolled past his opponent with the infamous death-ball. Rivalry gives him the credit he deserves as reflected by the odds of 13/20, but Hurricane is not expected to have an easy mission. That’s because Fantasy is one of the most creative Terran player in the entire GSL Season 2: Code S and odds of 6/5 are fully justified.

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GSL Code S 2019 Group B Matches Start on Saturday

Two Protoss players will also step into the spotlight on Saturday, as the first matches of Group B are scheduled before noon. This time however, both are underdogs and at Arcanebet. the Terran and Zerg players are credited with the first chance. Odds of 7/20 offered on a Gumiho victory against Parting are hardly a surprise for those who have watched the GSL Code S 2019. The Terran is experienced and plays very well against Protoss opponents, so punters can expect excellent odds of 21/10 on a Parting win.

The second group stage of the Global StarCraft II League Season 2: Code S concludes on Saturday afternoon with the match between Dear and SoO. This also happens to be the most anticipated game of the day, since the difference between these two players is rather low. Punters will be pleasantly surprised to see that GG.bet offers high esports odds of 13/10 on Dear, which is the underdog. A bet on the favorite will only result in odds of 3/5, but given SoO’s experience and form, there is definitely value in these odds.