Amazing Week Underway for Starcraft Fans and Punters

Two major Starcraft tournaments are quickly approaching their conclusions and fans of the popular real-time strategy game are in for a treat. This week, the final of the Afreeca Starleague Season 7 will pit Mini against Last, while the GSL Code S second group stage continues. The matches are broadcasted live and can be watched on the official Twitch channel.

Mini Takes on Last in the Afreeca Starleague Season 7 Final

Mini and Last have caused two major upsets in the previous stage by eliminating Effort and the Rain, who have played for the third place. Effort emerged victorious after sweeping the accomplished Protoss player and now in the grand final, we have a Terran vs Protoss duel. Betway expects Last to win the tournament after finishing in the third-place last season. We get odds of 3/5 on the Terran, while if Mini emerges victorious, those who bet on his victory will be paid at 13/10. So far, he has only eliminated Zerg players and this is actually going to be his first match against a Terran opponent.

Three Terran Players Reach the GSL Code S Quarterfinals

The second group stage of the 2019 Global StarCraft II League Code S tournament is underway, with four players advancing to the quarterfinals. Three of them are Terrans, with two of them qualifying from Group A and another coming from Group D. Maru and Bunny have advanced after a dramatic string of matches that have enjoyed ample coverage at bet-at-home. TY has cruised to the quarterfinals and he will be joined by Rogue, the only Zerg player still in the race. Soon, the odds on the first four matches in Groups B and C will be unveiled, as these games are scheduled for next week on March 20 and March 23.

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Eight WESG Matches Scheduled for Wednesday

Starcraft II fans have good reasons to be enthusiastic, because the eight games of the WESG are known and all are scheduled for March 13. ArcaneBet already has three main favorites, players who are expected to advance the next round without breaking a sweat. Serral, Innovation and Dark all get odds that don’t exceed 1/20 and they are likely to be joined by Maru with a victory, as he is priced at 1/10.

The more competitive games of this round start around noon, with the most anticipated one being the match between Scarlett and Special. Scarlett is the slight underdog in this dual, with odds of 6/5, while her opponent is currently given odds of 3/5 by Rivalry. SortOf and DnS play a match that currently looks like a coin flip, with a tiny edge for SortOf, even though the odds of 9/20 suggest that he’s the underdog. Another interesting duel is the one between Neeb and Reynor, with the former getting odds of 7/20, as opposed to 2/1 for the underdog.

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