Dota 2 WePlay! Valentine Madness Group Stage

Valentine’s Day is a special day for Dota 2 players and punters alike, as it brings around a very popular tournament. The latest installment of the Madness Series starts on Sunday, February 10 with four matches that enjoy ample coverage at leading bookmakers. A total of 12 teams participate and eight of them are seeded throughout the round of 12, while the remaining four playing directly in the quarterfinals. Except for the opening matches all are played in a best of three format, with the final to be decided in five games. The tournament has a guaranteed prize pool of $100,000 and the winner will receive half of the amount. The teams finishing in the 3rd place receives $100,000, with smaller sums offered to the next three teams.

Dota 2 WePlay! Valentine Madness

Vega Squadron are Primed for an Early Win

Vega Squadron play the first match of the day, just a bit after noon and Betway regards them as clear favourites over The Final Tribe. This is the most lopsided match of the day and the current odds stand at 3/10, with a good chance for them to drop even further as kick off draws near. The Final Tribe have alternated positive and negative results recently and most of the losses were caused by late game blunders. Even so, odds of 2/1 on them to begin the campaign with a victory are worth considering.

Natus Vincere Take on The Real Deal

Natus Vincere are among the main favourites to win the tournament, so not surprisingly, Rivalry expect them to start the tournament with a win. The odds don’t exceed 7/20, but even though they are small, they accurately reflect the difference between the two teams. The Real Deal will have a hard time staying true to their name, but can hope for a surprise, since this is a best-of-three series. Punters bold enough to bet on the underdog will be paid at 9/5 for their victory and even odds on them to win at least a map.

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Winstrike and Pavaga Gaming Play the Derby

The match between Winstrike and Pavaga Gaming isn’t exactly the most anticipated game of the day, but it definitely is the most balanced. ArcaneBet regards Winstrike as narrow favourites, but is only willing to offer odds of 3/4 on their victory. Their opponents have an excellent chance of winning at least the map and a bet on them to advance is priced at even odds.

The Pango and OldButGold Wrap up the Day

The batch of four Sunday matches will conclude with the game between The Pango and OldButGold. GG.bet trusts the former with a much better chance to prevail, as reflected by the odds of 7/20. They are likely to run away with a win and punters should also consider odds of 11/10 on a sweep. This bookmaker offers more than 30 different markets on this match, so savvy bettors can also place special bets.

All the Dota 2 WePlay! Valentine Madness Group Stage matches are broadcasted live on Twitch, so you can watch them on our channel.