2018 Korean StarCraft League Semifinals » Betting Tips

The most exciting tournament of December for StarCraft fans is approaching its inevitable conclusion as the 2018 KSL Semifinals are played midweek. The tournament started one and a half months ago with 16 of the top Korean players fighting for a guaranteed prize pool of more than $70,000. They were divided into four identical groups of four players each and only eight of them have qualified for the quarterfinals. Now punters can bet on the semi finals on December 6 and 7, at Betway and Bet-at-home.


Rain won his group and confirmed his favorite status in the quarterfinals by sweeping Leta. His opponent was the pleasant surprise of Group D, but the Protoss proved to be more than a match for him. In the other match of this stage of the playoffs, two Terran players fought for a place in the semi finals and Sharp has prevailed. He gave Mind no chance whatsoever in his first match against a Terran opponent. Last swept Where in a predictable quarterfinal, while the most contested series of this stage was the one between Soulkey and Larva. Soulkey lost a single match, to advance to the semi finals in four games.

Rain Continues his Dominant KSL Run

In spite of being the only Protoss player to survive the group stage, Rain gave the fans of this race plenty of reasons to be optimistic. He was a huge favorite in the quarterfinals against Leta and he is once again expected to make short work of Sharp. Because of his dominant performance against Terran opponent, ArcaneBet only offers odds of 3/20 on Rain to prevail. He has lost a single match in the entire tournament and has been right from the start of the main favorite to win the 2018 Korean StarCraft League Season 2.

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Sharp stood true to his name and played brilliantly so far in the tournament, including the quarterfinals. Much to his credit, he was able to win both series so far against Protoss opponents in the group stage, although both were narrow margin victories. Rain is an opponent of an entirely different caliber and that’s why GG.bet offers such big odds of 7/2 on Sharp to cause a major upset.

Last has an Edge over Soulkey

In the other semi final of the 2018 Korean StarCraft League Season 2, Soulkey hopes for his first victory over a Terran. He did a fine job in the quarterfinals against a Zerg, but now is credited with only the second chance against the best Terran in the competition. Esportsbetting.com prices a Soulkey victory at 2/1, while offering smaller odds of 2/5 on Last to prevail. Everything points towards an epic final between the best Protoss and Terran players, one that Rain is expected to win once again.