Spring Split Playoffs Conclude this Weekend with LoL Finals 2019

It is time for the final chapter of the spring split playoffs in the most important League of Legends championships. The winners of the North American LCS and the South Korean Helsinki will be decided over the weekend. This is also the time when we shall know the finalists in the European LEC and the Chinese LPL, where the semifinals are scheduled for Saturday and Sunday. The winners will secure their places at the League of Legends Finals 2019 and also win hefty paychecks, so the stakes are as high as they get.

Fnatic and Origen are One Step Away from LEC Finals

The first decisive match of the week is scheduled for Friday afternoon, when Fnatic meet Origen in the LEC semi finals. Fnatic finished second in the LoL finals worlds last year after an incredible run that ended abruptly at the hands of Invictus. This season, they started poorly, but found the strength to rebound in the second half of the regular season to finish in the third place. ArcaneBet regards them as one of the favourites at the upcoming LoL finals 2019 and credit them with the first chance in this match. We currently get odds of 2/5 if we bet on Fnatic to win and the odds are expected to drop before kickoff.

Origen were the more predictable team throughout the LEC regular season and fully deserve to finish in the second place. As a result, they didn’t have to play that many games during the spring split playoffs and were given a second chance after the sweep at the hands of G2. They are underdogs in this fixture once again, with odds of 2/1 at Rivalry, but they can’t be dismissed outright. If they find a way to win and qualify for the main event in autumn, we’ll have some excellent LoL finals betting tips for their matches.

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Invictus and FunPlus Phoenix are Favourites in the LPL Semifinals

A quick glance at the League of Legends standings in China at the end of the regular season will surprise many savvy punters. That’s because FunPlus Phoenix finished in the first place, while Topsports and Invictus were tied for the second place. The latter had the better percentage, with fewer games lost, but the winners of the LoL finals worlds were barely ahead. They now have another chance to prove their superiority and Betway expect them to succeed while offering odds of 1/2 on their victory.

Topsports are priced at 3/2 which is excellent value for those who don’t mind slightly riskier LoL finals betting tips. They have an experienced roaster, but there is always the risk of cracking under pressure against one of the favorites at the League of Legends Finals 2019. Meanwhile, FunPlus Phoenix are expected to continue their dominant run in the spring split playoffs, after finishing with the best record in the League of Legends standings. Pinnacle offers odds of 1/2 on them and 3/2 on JD Gaming to prevail.

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Team Liquid can Wrap Up a Stellar LCS Season

Team Liquid were the dominant force in the North American LCS and their position at the top of the League of Legends standings came as no surprise. Even though teams from this continent are not favorite at the LoL Finals 2019, they are clearly the best hope for the Americans. For the time being, they need to defeat another immensely popular squad, after Team SoloMid have outshined Cloud9 in the semifinals. While they clearly have talented players, they lack the consistency needed to win the LoL Finals Worlds.

Team Liquid has exceptional players and perhaps even more important, the kind of synergy that allows it to excel. Our LCS LoL finals betting tips also favored the team that has won the regular season and the odds on them to win are quite tempting. Esportsbetting.com currently offers the best odds of 3/5 and we expect them to revolve around the same value when the game begins. That’s because Team SoloMid have plenty of fans and punters will also like the idea of betting on the underdogs at odds of 13/10.

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SKT Try to Complete Incredible Comeback in LCK Finals

SK Telekom seemed to be the biggest train wreck in recent LCK history, after starting the regular season on a terrible note. The fact that they were able to finish second in the South Korean League of Legends standings is nothing short of an amazing performance. They were absolutely dominant in the spring split playoffs, and with Faker playing his A-game once again, the team has emerged as one of the favourites for the League of Legends Finals 2019. Before they win the trophy, they need to outshine Griffin in the final.

SKT are playing amazingly well, but they play against a team that seemed to be invincible for most of the regular season. Griffin only took the foot off gas after they were certain of winning the regular season, so our LoL finals betting tips see them as clear favourites. Because of the recent SKT resurgence, Griffin are currently priced at 7/10 at GG.bet, which is a fantastic value. The underdogs are worth considering at odds of 11/10, but unfortunately for the fans of SKT, the value has shrunk in recent years.

The Bottom Line

The end of the Spring Split is upon us and at the end of the week we shall know the winners and finalists in the most important regions. There are still many months left before the League of Legends Finals 2019, but the result of this weekend’s matches will weigh heavily in the balance. Some teams will secure their place at the LoL Finals Worlds and compete for one of the most important and valuable trophy in esports.