Opera GX Update Released, With Built-In Discord Support

Almost a year ago, Opera – one of the world’s leading internet browsers – had released a dedicated version of their browser exclusively for gamers. They’ve just pushed out a major update, and it’s set to shake up the online gaming industry.

The browser is free to download, and the updated version officially went live as of today at 9am CET time.


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What Are The Upgrades?

Perhaps the most notable part of the recent upgrade is the fact that Opera’s gaming browser now offers built-in Discord support. Maciej Cocemba, creator of Opera GX and product director at Opera said: Our users have been asking for native Discord support in the browser, so here it is. Everyone can now more easily connect with their community on any topic they want.”

It’s certainly a welcomed move, especially as Discord’s popularity continues to reach record highs. One-click access to Discord from within the browser allows gamers to instantly enter their chats, making communication far easier than before.

The “Hot Tabs Killer” feature is another part of the upgrade, and it’s useful for those who regularly have a large number of tabs open at one time. The feature allows you to quickly identify which of your open tabs are taking up the most resources on your PC or computer, before instantly “slashing them” to improve speeds and reduce the risks of overheating.

The updated browse also comes with a new “Force Dark Pages” feature. When toggled on, this feature means that bright, well-lit web pages are automatically dimmed – preventing users from being “blinded” and allowing for a smoother, more enjoyable browsing experience. At the time of writing, this feature is still in its beta phase and must be explicitly switched on.


© Opera Press

What Else Does Opera GX Do?

Opera GX is packed with features and functions designed to make gaming as easy and hassle-free as possible. Many of these have been tweaked in the recent update too. One of the most important of these features is the ability for users to limit the amount of CPU, RAM and network bandwidth that the internet browser uses. Currently, Opera GX is the only internet browser on the planet capable of doing so – and it allows gamers to have complete control over how their device runs.

Users are also able to easily change the highlight colors of the browser, which is done thanks to an integration with Razer Chroma. Doing so will match the highlight colors of the peripherals in the colors of the browser. Another notable feature includes a video pop-out function, allowing gamers to view “pop out” videos on top of other web pages – even if they navigate away from the page from which the video originates from.

It’s clear Opera GX is going to be a serious game-changer for gamers, and the most recent updates prove that Opera are actively working to improve the online gaming experience for players all over the world. Best of all, it’s free to download and use – so it’s the perfect choice for all levels of gamer!