Bet Live on the Final Stages of the Overwatch League Playoffs

The most important Overwatch tournament is about to reach its inevitable conclusion, with the winners to be decided this weekend. The Overwatch League Playoffs are quickly approaching the semifinals, as only six teams are still in the race. 4 teams have made it to the play-ins and London Spitfire and Seoul Dynasty have qualified for the playoffs. This is where they joined the six teams who were automatically awarded a place in the main event, to compete in the double-elimination bracket for the league championship.

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Overwatch League Playoffs Format and Prizes

The guaranteed prize pool of $3.5 million makes the Overwatch League the best paying tournament dedicated to this game. With so much money on the table, it was only natural for the organizers to try to mitigate the role that luck plays and reward talent. That’s why all the games were played in a first-to-four format, with the higher seeded team to pick the first map. It is only possible to play a single map for a match, and the underdogs are the one to decide whether they will attack or defend.

Only two teams have already been eliminated from the race and perhaps not surprisingly, these are the ones that needed play-ins to participate in the Overwatch League playoffs. London Spitfire and Seoul Dynasty have lost in the quarterfinals and were unable to advance in the losers’ bracket. Even so, they were awarded a hefty paycheck of $200,000, with the teams in the fifth and sixth place to collect $300,000. The winners will walk away with $1.1 million, while the runners up will have to settle for $600,000. Finishing in the last place on the podium will trigger a payout of $450,000.

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Atlanta Reign take on Hangzhou Spark in Losers’ Round 2 Matches

Hangzhou Spark were the first to fall in the losers’ brackets after failing in the first series against the Los Angeles Gladiators. The South Korean team put up quite a fight and was on the verge of causing an upset. In the lower half of the draw, they were quick to return to their winning ways and made short work of countrymen Seoul Dynasty. Now they play against the Atlanta Reign in a match where they are slight favorites to prevail and we trust them to do advanced to the Losers’ Round 3.

Atlanta Reign have alternated victories and defeats in the opening match against the San Francisco Shock and came on top by the narrowest of margins. They seemed capable of turning around the series against the New York Excelsior in the next round. They were able to level the series after dropping the first two games but in the end, they had to concede defeat. We sensed weakness in many of their plays and in the series against Hangzhou Spark we favour the South Koreans.

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The California Derby Scheduled for Friday Morning

The Los Angeles Gladiators and the San Francisco Shock are also scheduled to play in the Losers’ Round 2 and only one team from California will stay alive in the Overwatch League playoffs. San Francisco were stunned in the opening round by Atlanta, but they have quickly regained their composure and absolutely crushed the London Spitfire. After that clean sweep we believe that the odds of 3/10 offered by Rivalry on the San Francisco Shock to prevail are fully justified.

The Los Angeles Gladiators were the ones to cause the untimely elimination of Hangzhou Spark in the opening round. They needed a decisive match and in spite of their opponents having the momentum on their side, the team from California prevailed. In the next round, they were unable to deal with the tremendous pressure exercised by the Vancouver Titans. The Gladiators were able to win just two games in that series and in spite of tempting odds of 5/2 offered by ArcaneBet we don’t expect them to win.

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Vancouver and New York the Winners’ Finals

The Vancouver Titans were among the favourites to win the Overwatch League playoffs and they have consolidated their lead. A dazzling display of skill and composure has propelled them to the Winners’ Finals where they will play against the New York Excelsior. They have won each of their previous two series by 4-2 and the score was tied on both occasions after the first four matches. The Canadians need a strong start against the New Yorkers so punters betting on them could cash in at odds of 3/5 at Pinnacle.

The New York Excelsior are the slight underdogs in the series, in spite of being the team that has lost the fewest games during the Overwatch League playoffs. They lost a single match against the London Spitfire when they were already three games up in the series and they were always ahead of the Atlanta Reign. This is a talented and bold team, capable of playing at 100% under pressure, but also willing to take some chances and try new things. We like them a lot at odds of 7/5 offered by Betway in the match scheduled for Friday evening.

Vancouver and New York to Play the Grand Final

The Overwatch League playoffs grand final will take place two weeks from now, but the participants will be known on Sunday. We expect the Hangzhou Spark and the San Francisco Shock to advance to the third round and the team from California to play the Losers’ Final. In spite of Vancouver Titans being favourites in the Winners’ Finals, we expect them to lose and face the San Francisco Shock next. In the end, the grand final should be a rematch between the New York Excelsior and the Vancouver Titans. The ones that prevail on Friday evening should have the psychological advantage in the decisive match and punters should consider backing them, regardless of the odds offered at that point.

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