The Overwatch Summer Games Bring a New Game Mode and Weekly Challenges

Overwatch players prepare for a hot summer, as Blizzard has announced the beginning of this year’s Summer Games. The event has already started on August 4 and it will continue unabated for three more weeks, as it is set to conclude on August 26. During this period of time, players can earn rewards, unlock cosmetic items and have a lot of fun playing in an immersive competition. For a brief period of time they will have the unique opportunity to unlock cosmetic items released some time ago and no longer available.

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Lucioball Remix is the New Game Mode

The highlight of the Overwatch Summer Games is the arrival of the brand-new game mode which goes by the name of Lucioball Remix. This is supposed to push the games into overdrive and provide players with the chance to compete in a faster and more chaotic version of the classic Lucioball. The game begins with two balls that are kept in play throughout the match and they respawn after the team scores. To spice things up, bonus balls pop up and each of them is worth three points.


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One of the particularities of the Lucioball Remix is that unlike the regular game mode where players would reset after a goal is scored, in this case, they will keep playing. Overwatch isn’t known for being a merciful game, but the “mercy rule” will automatically terminate a match if a team is 5 points ahead. The maps have also changed slightly, with Busan being revamped with new services and pillars, while Sydney will benefit from more jump pad surfaces.

Players who have enjoyed the classic Lucioball game mode will find many similarities, but also a few important updates. Cooldowns are greatly reduced, while the boop and punch range have increased, just like Lucio’s speed. It is possible to crouch even when you are in midair and you will jump slightly higher when using the jump pads. To properly celebrate goal-scoring moments, the updated game mode has gamepad rumble to mark the occasion.

Weekly Challenges and Cosmetics

The Lucioball Remix might be the highlight of the Overwatch Summer Games, but the weekly challenges are nothing to frown upon. Whether you choose Quick Play, Competitive Play, or Arcade, you will be rewarded with epic skins, limited-time sprays, and player icons. The challenges span over the course of three weeks, and players are rewarded for winning 3, 6, respectively 9 games. Three wins will produce a player icon, six will trigger the release of a unique spray, and nine are needed to claim the epic skin.


While there is definitely more than meets the eye about Overwatch, the game is also a lot about visuals and aesthetics. Not surprisingly, the Overwatch Summer Games will feature five new legendary skills and three epic skins. Tropical Baptiste, Lifeguard Pharah, Feskarn Brigitte, Karate Doomfist, and Surf’s Up Echo belong to the first category and they can be claimed by the most successful players. The other cosmetic items include highlight intros, an emote, poses, and player icons.

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