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Nexus Blitz comes to League of Legends this December


League of Legends players are tempted to take a short break from their favorite multiplayer online battle arena game. That’s because the ranked season is in recess and it will only resume in January, so there’s very little incentive to try hard in December. Furthermore, there are no major competitions scheduled, so there are virtually […]

China Dota 2 Winter Cup 2018 Groups Stage » Betting Tips

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Dota 2 players have a lot of fun with their favorite game in December, while waiting for the major tournaments to return. For the time being, they can watch the live streams dedicated to the China Dota 2 Winter Cup 2018 Groups Stage. The tournament starts on December 13 and just as the name suggests […]

Astralis Wins the CS:GO ESL Pro League Season 8 Finals

CS GO ESL Pro League Finals

The most important Counter Strike Global Offensive tournament of December has just ended, with Astralis winning the competition. This was the team that was credited with the first chance at the beginning of last week and it cruised through the tournament. After losing a single match in the opening round, they had no problem in […]

CS:GO ESL Pro League Season 8 Finals Playoffs » Betting Predictions

CS GO ESL Pro League Finals

The first week of December started fast and furious with some exceptional games in the first stage of the CS:GO ESL Pro League Season 8 Finals. The two double elimination format of the group stage has made this phase of the competition more exciting for players and fans alike. Three days after the tournament has […]

Overwatch League and Fanatics Sign Major eCommerce Deal


Blizzard continues to actively promote Overwatch League the biggest tournaments celebrating its flagship eSports game. 2018 has been a great year for the fans of the game and the next season promises to set new and impressive milestones. The Overwatch League is also expected to benefit from a recently signed deal with Fanatics that grants […]

2018 Korean StarCraft League Semifinals » Betting Tips

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The most exciting tournament of December for StarCraft fans is approaching its inevitable conclusion as the 2018 KSL Semifinals are played midweek. The tournament started one and a half months ago with 16 of the top Korean players fighting for a guaranteed prize pool of more than $70,000. They were divided into four identical groups […]