Bet Live on the PUBG Global Championship Grand Finals

Player Unknown BattleGrounds has gained a lot of traction as an esport in recent years and its flagship competitions are featured by top bookmakers. Throughout the year, tournaments of different magnitudes were scheduled all over the world and it all culminates with the PUBG Global Championship Grand Finals. This is the last and most important competition of 2019, bringing together the top teams from around the world in a tournament that lasts 16 days.


PUBG Global Championship Format and Prizes

PUBG Corporation has invited the best 32 teams in the world to compete in the group stage, with the top eight to progress straight to the semifinals. Nobody was eliminated at this stage of the competition, but those who finished outside Top 8 had to take the long road to the playoffs. The 16 qualified directly were joined in the semifinals by eight more and they were all split into three identical groups. Eight were sent home for good and the last 16 will play in the PUBG Global Championship Grand Finals this week.

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With a guaranteed prize pool of $3 million, there’s plenty of money to go around and those who didn’t qualify for the finals still got a consolation prize. From this point onward, each eliminated team is guaranteed a five digit amount, but the lion’s share will go to those who reach the final four phase. The winner will receive $1 million, while the runner-up will have to settle for a $300,000 prize. $150,000, respectively $100,000 will be awarded to the players who finish in the third and fourth places.

Team Lazarus Tops the PUBG Global Championship Semifinals

Lazarus wrapped up the semifinals with the best score and was the only team to finish with more than 100 points, nearly twice as much as the last qualifying team. This performance brought them into the spotlight as the main favourite to win the PUBG Global Championship grand final on November 24. They will play their first matches one day earlier and punters will be able to bet on Lazarus victories at Arcanebet .

During the final stage of the tournament, PUBG live betting will also be offered by top bookmakers covering esports. Lazarus did indeed a fine job during the semifinals, but they have encountered certain obstacles during the group stage. Given the unpredictable nature of Player Unknown BattleGrounds matches, punters can take advantage of the changing odds to bet against the public.

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Bet on the Team SoloMid and Four Angry Men’s Consistency

QM Gaming were the runners-up in the semi finals, but it is the next two teams that punters should consider when betting on the PUBG Global Championship grand final. Four Angry Men finished third with 10 points less than Lazarus, but they have displayed superior consistency throughout the event. In the group stage, this team finished with the second-best record and earned on average more points during each round. In the action-packed finals, a steady hand can mean more than excellent form.

Team SoloMid is another excellent candidate for risk-averse punters who want to bet on one of the top seeds and still enjoy decent odds. They can bet on them at Buff.bet and expect excellent odds for live betting, without taking too many chances. TSM actually won the group stage with 63 points and 86 in the semifinals without falling behind the curve at any point. This is a slow and steady squad that plays PUBG in a truly original way and it has the quality needed to win the main event.

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Dark Horses at the PUBG Global Championship

Punters who want to maximize the return on investment will have to take a leap of faith with one of the underdogs. Betting on the teams that barely made it to the finals is a risky enterprise, but there are two dark horses that should be considered. Global Esports Xsset didn’t make the podium in the semifinals, but they’ve crossed the psychological threshold of 80 points. These guys have also finished second in the group stage, so they have the qualities needed to cause a few upsets in the decisive act.

Even better odds are available to those who bet on VC Gaming to win the PUBG Global Championship. They have finished the semifinals in the sixth place but were simply unstoppable during the group stage when they won with a massive 93 points. This impressive performance put them above some of the favorite such as QM Gaming and WClick. Elsewhere, OGN Entus is the only organization to have two teams in the semi finals, with Ace and Force qualifying from the 10th and 11th positions.