Shroud Returns to Full Time Streaming on Twitch

Michael Grzesiek’s brief love affair with Microsoft’s Mixer ended abruptly when the aspiring live streaming platform was unexpectedly shut down. Shroud’s streaming story goes on, as he announced his return to Amazon’s competing platform Twitch. This is where he started streaming many years ago, so it is only natural for him to return to the place that made him famous. In the wake of signing this exclusive deal, Shroud is expected to resume streaming this month. The exact time and date will be announced by the famous streamer himself on his official Twitter account.


A Much Awaited Homecoming

Twitter owns the majority of the audience market share, but it faces serious competition from YouTube. The departure of Shroud and Tyler Blevins, two of the top earners highlights the strength of the challengers, although Mixer failed to meet expectations. Now that Microsoft decided to terminate its ambitious project and Facebook Gaming took over, Michael Grzesiek needed to make up his mind. He had the option of joining either Facebook or YouTube, but decided to return to his roots.

It’s uncertain when Shroud will broadcast his first stream, but he announced his willingness to return to streaming full time. Michael is one of the most talented and mechanically skilled streamers, with a dedicated group of fans following him with enthusiasm. He started this line of business more than six years ago, after retiring from another illustrious career as a professional CS:GO player. The transition from Counter Strike Global Offensive to streaming was silky smooth and Shroud felt comfortable switching to Valorant and Apex Legends.

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New Logo, Same Exciting Streams

In order to properly mark his return to Twitch, Shroud will revamp his brand and showcase a brand-new logo. He went to great lengths to highlight his enthusiasm to return to streaming on Twitch, which he considers to have the most loyal gaming community in the world. The relaunching of his official channel will happen sometime this month, with details to be shared on Twitch at a later date. For the streaming platform, the return of a top earner and legendary streamer represents an important milestone.

Shroud ultimately made the move to return to Twitch, but his decision was facilitated by Loaded. The company in charge of overseeing his sponsorship deals, partnerships and appearances encouraged the streamer to return to Twitch. The platform provides him with the perfect opportunity to showcase his talent, as he embarks on an ambitious quest to conquer new games and expand his audience.