Soulkey Defeats Sharp in the Korea StarCraft League Final

The most anticipated match of the StarCraft League Season 2 took place on Sunday and the winner was crowned. Soulkey has dominated his opponents throughout the tournament and qualified once again for the final act of a major tournament. His superior experience and the flawless track record made him favourite against Sharp, with Rivalry pricing his victory at 2/5. By comparison, those who place their bets on the underdog were rewarded with odds of 5/2 at ArcaneBet and other major bookmakers.


Soulkey Wins the KSL Season 2 in Five Matches

Sharp was the less experienced player in the grand final and he was pit against an opponent who is famous for his composure and macro-play. This has put the Terran player in the not so enviable position of having to try something different each match, to take his opponent by surprise. The series started surprisingly well for Sharp, who denied his opponent the chance to play the second Hatchery. He was then able to snowball this small advantage into a solid offensive to win the opening match.

Soulkey was quick to rebound and in the second game of the series he played more conservatively and took the initiative early on. With the series level after two games, Sharp tried to surprise his opponent once again, but this time the Zerg was prepared. A string of errors and poor unit-management at key moments allowed the favourite to take the lead. From that point onward, Soulkey dominated the series and took the next two matches in a convincing manner, even though the final game was surprisingly long.

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Starcraft 2 Patch 4.8.0 has Arrived with Minor Tweaks

In the remaining weeks of 2018 there will be no major StarCraft or StarCraft 2 tournaments and matches scheduled. This means that the fans have very little to watch on live streams and are instead expected to spend more time playing. Those who choose to spend their time playing ranked StarCraft 2 games should know that a new patch was just released. Version 4.8.0 brings fewer changes compared to the previous patch 4.7.1 and it generally fixes bugs, while making minor tweaks to the editor

In the new patch, players will be able to equip all the skins of the same set simultaneously to all buildings and units. Speaking of which, some consoles skins have been updated, while the cooperative mission dependencies can now be added by players. Most of the changes brought about by patch 4.8.0 are actually bug fixes that apply to cooperative missions, the campaign as well as the Versus mode. They’re supposed to improve the gaming experience and provide players with the motivation to spend more time in game.

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