32 Players Chase Starcraft II Glory in the HomeStory Cup XVIII

The major Starcraft II tournaments of 2018 have concluded and it all culminated with the main event at Blizzcon earlier this month. However, for the fans of the popular strategy game, the HomeStory Cup XVIII brings together some of the best professional players in the world. This is the 18th edition of a tournament that had humble beginnings, but emerged as one of the coolest international events. Organized by Dennis Gehlen, it has once again a guaranteed prize pool of $20,000, twice as large as the last event.

The HomeStory Cup XVIII tournament has started at the beginning of the week and the 32 participating players were split into four identical groups. During the round-robin stage, all matches are played in a best-of-three series and the top two players advance to the Round of 8 Winner Bracket. The next two will qualify for the first round of the lower bracket and during the playoffs, all the matches are played in a best-of-five series. The Grand Final is decided to a maximum of five matches. All the games are played on Acid Plant, Blueshift, Cerulean Fall, Dreamcatcher, Fracture, Lost and Found and Para Site maps.

HomeStory Cup XVIII

ShoWTime and Reynor win Groups A and B

Group A matches have concluded on November 22 and the local favorite ShoWTime won the group with six victories and just one defeat. The Protoss player will be enjoyed in the Round of 8 Winner Bracket by Terran player uThermal; the next two qualified players are also playing these two races, which means that none of the Zerg players have survived this group. Rogue came close and was tied for the fourth place with Harstem, but the South Korean lost eight games compared to seven and was eliminated.

Reynor was an unstoppable force in Group B, where he won all seven series and dropped just three games overall, out of 17. He will be joined by South Korean Innovation in the next stage, with the latter finishing with a 6-1 record. In this group, two Terran and two Zerg players have advanced, with both Protoss players suffering an untimely elimination.

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Serral and Zest are Favourites in Groups C and D

The Finnish superstar is expected to win Group C, even though he will play against three players from South Korea. Trap, Bunny and soO are among the favorites to join him into the next round, but French player Stephano can’t be ruled out just yet. In Group D, there are several players chasing the first place and not surprisingly, South Koreans are front-runners. Zest and Solar start with the first chance, followed by their countrymen Taeja, Polish player MaNa and German Lambo.

The prize pool of the HomeStory Cup XVIII tournament will be split among the top eight players, with the winner getting $8000 and the runner-up half that amount. The players in the third and fourth place will get $3000, respectively $1500, with smaller prizes of $1000 and $750 offered to the next four.

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