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Starcraft II is back into the spotlight, even though on this particular occasion the live event is not a flagship competition. Nevertheless, some of the best professional players chose to participate in the online invitational tournament called Master’s Coliseum. This competition is hosted by SCBoy, a well-known figure in the Chinese community and it brought together 16 players. The group stage has concluded and now the playoffs are underway, with all matches being played in a best-of-three format.

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TY Starts with the First Chance against PartinG

During the group stage, TY had to play in a couple of difficult matches, but somehow found his way out and into the quarterfinals. The Terran player from South Korea then caused the biggest upset of the tournament so far, by causing the untimely elimination of Maru. In the wake of his victory over the main favourite at the Master’s Coliseum, TY is credited with the first chance in the semi-finals. Betway currently offers odds of 3/10 on him to prevail against PartinG, the pleasant surprise of the Protoss roster.

TY lost in the group stage against another Protoss player but was at least able to win one game in the best-of-three series. By comparison, his opponent lost both games against Terrans, but since his opponent was Maru, this defeat is not exactly a shock. ArcaneBet offers some of the best odds available on the underdog, currently revolving around 2/1. As kickoff draws near, players will also be able to bet on the margin of victory, by using the Asian handicaps.

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sOs Tries to Extend His Invincible Run against soO

The bottom two quarterfinals were both mirror images, with two Protoss players and two Zergs playing against each other. This meant that Starcraft II Master’s Coliseum was guaranteed to have a player representing each race in the semi finals. sOs is the Protoss representative and currently the only undefeated player and this tournament. Truth be told, he hasn’t played against a Zerg opponent yet, so the odds of 7/20 offered by bet-at-home must be taken with a pinch of salt.

soO has played against opponents using all three races so far and defeated all of them. The Zerg player has lost just two matches, one against a Terran and the other in the quarterfinals against a fellow Zerg. He winning the semi final and advancing to the last stage of the competition is priced at 2/1 by Rivalry, but the odds are slowly shrinking. The players eliminated in the semi-finals will receive $500 each, while the winner and the runner-up will get $2000, respectively $1000.

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