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Trainwreck under fire after donating $15,000 CSGO item to streamer

Twitch streamer chocoTaco starts a Twitter beef with Trainwrecks, tags: donation - Images via chocoTaco and Trainwreckstv/Twitter

Popular Twitch streamer Trainwreckstv, more commonly known as Trainwreck, has been called out by another Twitch streamer chocoTaco following Train’s huge donation to streamer GeT_RiGhT this weekend.

Trainwreck gifted GeT_RiGhT a “2014 Dignitas Katowice Holo sticker, worth around $15,000,” according to a tweet by Jack Lucky, the co-owner of Full Squad Gaming.

Trainwreck gained traction on the purple platform for his expensive gambling streams where he will bet millions of dollars every week in front of a massive and growing audience. He is also known for donating large amounts of money, crypto, and gifts to other streamers.

ChocoTaco, on the other hand, also a popular streamer with around 1.3 million followers and is quite respected by the Twitch community for his cool and collected attitude. He usually streams PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) gameplay on his channel.

ChocoTaco himself is not known as a person who likes to call out people, but this time, there is something with Trainwreck’s behavior that made him do something about it.

ChocoTaco’s tweet, responding to Trainwreck’s gift

Following Lucky’s tweet about Trainwreck’s gift, chocoTaco responded by quoting the famous Star Trek character, Jean-Luc Picard, as merely a facade to cover his controversy on gambling stream.

Trainwreck does not shy away from various controversies. The latest one involves another controversial streamer who has now been indefinitely banned from Twitch, Destiny.

Trainwreck has reportedly offered $100,000 to Destiny following the Twitch ban and he shared his story about that.

“When I got banned on Twitch. Train DM’d me and offered me $100,000,” Destiny said on May 23 as per Dexerto. Destiny, who now streams on YouTube, rejected the offer in the end.

Following chocoTaco’s response to his donation, Trainwreck eventually responded with multiple tweets with some profanities and said that chocoTaco only spoke without doing any further research on him.

ChocoTaco addressed the Twitter beef during his latest livestream on May 30 and mentioned that Trainwreck’s response would just encourage his fans to harass him because they have a different stance on this.

“Oh! Trainwrecks replied to me, did you see that? Oh, no. What a big, big man. Big gambling man. Man, I was just quoting Picard, okay?” he said.

“Gamba [gambling] drama? Well, Trainwrecks like, always like, gives money away, gifts stuff to people and it’s just like, everyone praises him for it. It’s really dumb.”

Twitch’s gambling controversy

Twitch has been dealing with gambling streaming drama due to streamers themselves are split into two factions.

Gambling addiction is a serious problem and a lot of people are seeing big streamers like Trainwreck and xQc constantly stream their gambling activity online with thousands of people, likely young viewers watching. Both Trainwreck and xQc are sponsored by Stake, a gambling company.

Other big streamers, OTK members, such as Mizkif, Asmongold, and nmplol also weighed in on this beef.

Mizkif talked to an 11-year-old fan from Adin Ross’ community who said that he actually tried to play the gambling slot. Ross, who was banned by Twitch last month, was also sponsored by Stake before his suspension.

Meanwhile, Asmongold decided to defend Train by saying chocoTaco should have expected backlash from his response and should not play the victim.

“The only thing obvious here is that you thought you could talk sh*t to someone then pretend to be a victim when they do the same thing back to you,” Asmongold said.

“Don’t you think your original post caused people to harass Train? Of course it did, that was your goal when you posted it.”

Another OTK streamer Nick “nmplol” also echoed Asmongold’s views on the situation, claiming that if chocoTaco was not ready to receive contradictive arguments, he should not have “poked the beehive”

With the whole gambling drama situation, everyone is waiting for Twitch’s decision on whether allowing the status quo or decided to put stricter guidelines regarding gambling on its platform.