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Tundra Esport defeats Team Secret to win Dota 2 TI 11 Grand Final

The 2022 International 11 Dota 2 tournament has reached its conclusion, with Tundra Esports sweeping to victory over Team Secret in the Grand Final. Tundra brought home $8,486,704 prize money as champions after beating Secret 3-0.

A total of 20 teams participated in The International 2022. Secret and Team Liquid took the Last Chance Qualifier spots. They made it to the Lower Bracket Finals where Secret defeated Team Liquid. On the other hand, Tundra performed brilliantly in the upper bracket by defeating every team 2-0 except for Team Secret.

Tundra dominates games

In game one, Secret played Leshrac, Tiny, Enigma, Lich and Pudge, while Tundra picked Tusk, Mirana, Hoodwink, Naga Siren and Tidehunter. Hoodwink managed to perform the first blood on Enigma. Leschrac retaliated by killing Tusk. The two teams continued to clash, with Tundra gaining a modest lead eight minutes into the game.

Tundra was unable to maintain the lead when they lost three heroes to a Black Hole. Secret pushed forward and began a round of killing. The one-sided massacre finally stopped when Tundra returned to kill Pudge.

At 17 minutes, Tundra struggled after losing two Tier 1s on the mid and top lanes. On the other hand, Secret only failed to keep the bottom Tier 1. However, despite the dire situation, Tundra had accumulated a 6,000 advantage.

Tundra focused the attack on the bottom lane and killed Enigma. Later, Pudge was taken out at the bottom lane’s Tier 2 tower. Secret attempted to retaliate but failed when Tundra killed two more of Secret’s heroes.

Tundra pressured Secret, forcing them to maintain the middle and bottom lanes. Pudge and Tiny were killed, and Secret’s middle Tier 2 tower was taken down. A brawl broke out at the Roshan Pit. All heroes spammed their abilities, trying to take down anyone nearby. Tundra came out on top in this fight by killing four of Secret’s heroes.

Tundra dominated game one after this point, killing Secret’s heroes left and right. The team took the second Roshan and mega creeps. Secret could no longer maintain any defense and soon lost the game.

For game two, Secret picked Leshrac, Tusk, Chen, Bristleback and Morphling, while Tundra chose Visage, Marci, Arc Warden, Chaos Knight and Phoenix. The game began with a double kill. Secret responded by killing Marci, but they lost Chen during the fight. At around 10 minutes, Morphling and Tusk took down Phoenix, but they were soon taken out by Arc Warden and Visage.

Leshrac and Morphling kept moving forward on the top lane and managed to kill Phoenix again. The two took down the Tier 1 tower and took out Marci in the mid-lane. However, Secret lost the bottom lane’s Tier 1 tower to Visage and Arc Warden.

Unlike game one, which was full of skirmishes, the two teams were more focused on farming and destroying towers. After a while, the teams engaged in the middle lane, with Tundra killing Morphling while Secret took out Chaos Knight.

Another big fight broke out in the Roshan pit. Tundra killed Chen and Tusk early and soon defeated Roshan. Chaos Knight took Aegis while Arc Warden claimed Aghanim’s Shard. At 30 minutes mark, Tundra went full offense and destroyed one tower after another. Secret managed to hold off Tundra until Roshan reappeared. Tundra dominated the rest of game two.

Game three also proceeded in a similar fashion. Secret tried to put up a harder fight while also picking Naga Siren, which Tundra had chosen in previous games. However, their maneuvers were useless against Tundra, who won the final game and became TI 11 champions.