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Turkey’s S2G Esports crowned winners of PMGC 2022

The Turkish team S2G Esports took home the $400,000 cash prize for winning the PUBG Mobile Global Championship (PMGC) 2022 Grand Finals on Sunday, January 8, at Jakarta International Expo, Indonesia, with a total score of 190 points and 93 eliminations.

S2G was the underdog in PMGC 2022. They won the PMPL Turkey qualifier, moved on to the group stage and were put in the Red division. After three weeks of intense fighting, they won and moved on to the finals.

Da Real Soldiers Gaming finished second, which was a first for Nepali esports, surprising both fans and professionals. The team showed how tough they were and how consistent they were in their performances over the three days to come in second. DRS’s PMGC 2022 campaign ended with 158 points and 88 frags. The team won a prize of $200,000 in cash.

Alpha 7 Esports from Brazil came in third. This squad gave a strong performance and was in the hunt for the championship right up to the final match. However, some sloppy plays cost them the title. The Grand Finals earned them $120,000 for a final score of 156 points and 77 eliminations.

Two-time defending world champions Nova Esports of China were one of the tournament’s biggest letdowns. The team’s lackluster performance in the competition’s latter stages, including the Grand Finals, was largely attributable to its inability to seize key opportunities. The Chinese squad placed ninth in the PMGC Finals.

Two Grand Finals teams, Fire Flux and Influence Chemin Esports, performed abysmally, claiming 15th and 16th spots, respectively. The Turkish squad had a rough go of it right from the start, never really getting into a rhythm. They were knocked out of several early games, so they never got to play tough teams.

On the other hand, Day 1 went well for the Brazilian squad Influence Chemin. The team, however, suffered a decline in performance over the week. They finished last in the tournament.

Notable players win awards

Individual awards were also given to players who did well in the Grand Finals. The Mongolian GodLike Stalwart player, Burenbayar “TOP” Altangerel, snatched the Most Valuable Player award.

TOP dominated the majority of the competition and made numerous spectacular plays during the event. His DMR skill was exceptional, and he surprised several of his foes.

The superstar player not only won the MVP, but he also took home the Gunslinger trophy for killing most opponents. Across 18 matches, he recorded 31 kills and dealt 10,074 damage points. His farthest kill came from 379m. He also got five headshot kills.

TOP led his team to fourth place in the Grand Finals of PMGC 2022 with a strong K/P/M score of 1.72. The team was very close to victory in the tournament, but in the last game, they entered a disadvantageous zone that made it hard for them to play well.

The Grenade Master award went to Sandesh “SAND3SH” Pradhan of the Nepalese squad Trained To Kill Esports, who was responsible for the most grenade kills. Throughout the entire competition, SAND3SH performed admirably. Unfortunately, on Day 3, his team made a mistake that ultimately cost them 13th place.

He “Wwx” Tianyou, a Chinese player on team Four Angry Men, won the Eagle Eye title for claiming a kill from the longest distance. Natchapone “Fluketh” Somtus, a Thai player on team Vampire Esports, won the Field Medic title for healing the most people during the competition.

According to Esports Charts data, the tournament’s highest viewership was over 851,000, which was higher than the 2021 PMGC’s 646,000 but lower than the 2020 edition’s 3.8 million.

The Grand Finals also revealed that the PUBG Mobile World Invitational, the first international event of 2023, will be held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, in July. This year, Turkey will also host the Global Championship for the fourth time.