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Twitch: Mizkif roasted by 14-year-old player, left speechless

Mizkif streaming- Photo Youtube

Matthew “Mizkif” Rinaudo was taken aback after a 14-year-old League of Legends player roasted him after seeing a viral TikTok clip of him losing to his girlfriend Emily “Emiru” Schunk in a Super Mario 64 speedrun.

Mizkif first encountered the 14-year-old on the opposing team in a game that he won. The two were bickering in chat the whole time, even hurling insults. After that, they matched up again in the following game, and they did not hold back.

The two made fun of each other’s awful play during the match. Before things get out of hand, he proposed a 1v1 challenge to settle the argument. The player called out Mizkif for being “childish” before eventually revealing his actual age, throwing Mizkif into a laughter fit.

Losing arguments

“You talked so much sh*t,” said Mizkif mockingly. “Ready to lose again? Shake hands in the middle.”

During the argument, Mizkif showed off the fact he founded the gaming organization One True King, by saying, “I own an organization, I have respect.” That is if he is not ‘fired’ by Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek for avoiding to meet with him multiple times, should he ever take over OTK. The joke was thrown during Shroud’s stream on December 31, and he also “plans” to add a clause to Mizkif’s contract that requires him to hang out with Shroud.

However, the young player clapped back with a hilarious roast referring to a TikTok clip of him getting schooled by Emiru, rendering Mizkif speechless. “Wait. You’re the TikToker? From Mario, and your girlfriend is beating your ass? Damn. I am fighting you?”

At that point, Mizkif simply swallowed his pride and called the young teen “a little b*tch”.

Things get even more intense, as Mizkif lost the one versus one battle against the player in the midlane.

Mizkif is known to crack jokes at his friend’s expense. One example is when he roasted Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter, over her RFLCT skincare line drama. But sometimes, he’s the butt of the joke instead, with Corinna Kopf, Pokimane, Shroud, and many others taking a jab at him.

Mizkif’s profile

Mizkif started streaming on Twitch back in 2016. However, he blew up only after becoming the cameraman for another streamer, Ice Poseiden, in 2018. Despite multiple controversies, Mizkif is still going strong in 2022.

In 2020, he went viral for his controversial “sleeping stream” where he made over $5,600. He called the stream “a nice break” from playing games. However, sleeping on stream is against Twitch’s term of Services. Even being “away” from the stream for more than 30 minutes breaks the platforms’ rules.

Mizkif is among the top 25 Twitch streamers, with over 1.74 million followers and an average of 37,000 audiences per stream. One of his biggest streams ever was back in December 2020, where around 100,000 fans were present to see him open a very rare box of old Pokemon cards, revealing a rare Lugia card.

As mentioned above, Mizkif is one of the founding members of OTK, alongside other well-known streamers including Asmongold. The team mostly plays World of Warcraft, both casually and more competitively.