Twitch streamer Emiru calls Riot Games over League of Legends defeat

Emiru recently got destroyed by Viego in League of Legends, leading to a hilarious phone call, tags: twitch streamer riot - Image via Emiru/Twitter & League of Legends

Twitch streamer and cosplayer Emily Schunk better known for her online persona Emiru has caught the attention of the internet and fans of Riot Games’ online battle arena title, League of Legends after the streamer called Riot’s developer to file complaints related to her character being put down easily by another champion in the middle of the live stream.

Emiru called the lead character developer at Riot Games August “Riot August” Browning demanding to know why her champion Jhin the Virtuoso, which she used during the stream is being put down easily from full health by Viego the Ruined.

Viego is one of the League’s most frustrating champions to play against and apparently, the undead jungler himself is the creation of Browning. The conversation between the streamer and Riot’s character developer was one that is hilarious and made the chat laugh.

Emiru’s complaint

In Emiru’s recent live stream, the 24-year-old is playing League, her “comfort” video game title, but comfort turns out of a nightmare for the streamer as she prepares for Jhin’s ultimate and is almost ready to release it.

Emiru had a teammate backing her behind just in case things went out of control. Sure enough, it did. An enemy player using Viego appeared out of nowhere from the bushes for a surprise attack and stunned the streamer.

With little to no time to react, it was anything but an instant death for the streamer and her champion since it did not take a lot of time for Viego to put down Emiru’s champion out of the arena, waiting to be respawned.

Emiru is still shocked adding “I can’t even move! I’m calling August” while waiting for the respawn cooldown.

The Kansas native rushed and picked up her phone in the middle of the stream, called Browning demanding information, and put the phone closer to the microphone so that her chat can listen to what the developer had to say.

As soon as Browning picked up the phone, the streamer quickly bombarded the developer with questions as she is beyond frustrated over her champion’s defeat. Browning, on the other, greeted the streamer in a friendly manner. Emiru then asked the developer why Viego is able to kill Jhin easily with full health and complained that her champion was stunned “the whole time.”

Emiru, Browning’s conversation

“So, why did you make it so Viego can kill me from full health? I’m stunned the whole time, I was ulted as Jhin, and he just walked up and killed me,” Emiru asked.

Browning was chill and a good sport over Emiru’s frustration. For the developer, complaints about his creation, Viego is nothing out of the ordinary.

The developer then revealed that Emiru at a certain time will play against the character and with that knowledge, Viego was created purposely as Jhin’s counter.

“Well, you know, when I was making Viego, I thought, ‘You know, one of these days, Emily is gonna play against him and I want her to have a really bad time. So I made him to counter Jhin. That’s it, that’s the story,” Browning replied.

Upon hearing Browning’s response, Emiru went on beyond calling out both Browning and League for ruining her “comfort” game. Emiru cries, saying “I hate Riot – this is supposed to be my comfort game why did you do this?!”

Browning prepares a somewhat “menacing” response, adding “I just thought that sometimes AD Carry players had to be put in their place!”