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Twitch streamer spends over $10,000 on Diablo Immortal, pay-to-win controversies

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Players and fans have criticized Diablo Immortal’s microtransactions, saying that the game’s progression is tied to money-oriented goals. Blizzard recently denied players’ requests to refund their money.

Many have also expressed disappointment upon discovering the game’s controversial microtransactions, insisting the company should consider the needs of players who cannot enjoy the game features without paying.

Unfortunately, even those willing to pay real money have so far failed to enjoy the game following a mass restriction on the clan feature. Many players in Diablo Immortal prefer to create or join clans, which allow them to enjoy the game with their friends. Unfortunately, the free-to-play players were recently removed from their clans due to an in-game restriction. The issue led to paying players demanding a refund, which Blizzard refused.

Streamer Quin69 spends $10.000 without getting 5-star

The game received a warm welcome at first, with Twitch streamers spending thousands of dollars on Diablo Immortal, including streamer Quin69, who recently reached a critical milestone in his quest for the elusive 5-Star.

Some people earlier speculated that it would cost around $110,000 to fully gear up in the game, and Quin69 confirmed the prediction.

New Zealand-based Quin69 recently made headlines after spending over $4,000 on Diablo Immortal without getting a single 5/5 5-Star Legendary Gem. Despite his massive losses, he said he would continue hunting rare items.

At the end of a 13-hour stream, Quin69 purchased a car, pushing his total spending to over the $10,000 mark. Unfortunately, despite all of these massive purchases, his quest for a 5-Star item refused to come to an end. After a few moments, he took a few steps to vent his frustration and told his fans that the road to getting the special item was really harsh.

Pity-pull mechanic

Some people may be wondering how a player can spend thousands of dollars in a game without getting a 5-Star or a rare item, especially since most of these types of games have a pity-pull mechanic that awards rare items after specific amounts of money are spent.

In Diablo Immortal, however, the aforementioned feature does not exist, meaning it does guarantee that a player will get a 5-Star. Instead, it only gives a one percent chance of getting one of the many 5-Star treasures players crave.

Despite the game’s seemingly simple mechanics, the predatory nature of its microtransaction mechanic angered many players. The game has already received negative reviews on Metacritic, and the average User Score for the iOS version of Diablo Immortal is just 0.5. Some fans are even calling for the removal of all mentions of the game from the official Diablo subreddit.

It is hard to see how Diablo fans will still trust the publisher after all of this, especially since it seems like they are getting the short end of the stick regarding the game’s pay-to-win structure.

Many veterans have already removed the free-to-play version of Diablo Immortal from their repertoire. A job vacancy posted recently by a game development company has indicated that the upcoming Diablo 4 might also have the same issue.