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Twitch streamer spots wall run glitch in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

TikTok and Twitch streamer shmooookk has found a strange glitch in the latest Call of Duty installment, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Shmooookk and his teammates were playing a multiplayer match when they accidentally found a weird spot on the Taraq Village map.

The glitch takes effect when players approach the spot at a specific angle, they can perform a wall run and a dolphin dive. The dolphin dive move is when players run at full speed while holding the crouch button to dive into the ground.

Meanwhile, wall running is not a new feature in the Call of Duty franchise. Players can perform a wall run in Black Ops 3 and Advanced Warfare. However, Infinity Ward has been changing the movement system in the series. Recently, they added new mechanics, such as the ledge grab and the dolphin dive.

According to Game Rant’s Derek Nichols, the wall run glitch is extremely specific and will be unlikely to cause an unfair match. The glitch can only be triggered in this particular wall and can be used to perform a surprise drop on the enemy. However, the glitch can also cause players to get launched into the air uncontrollably when performing a dolphin dive.

COD: Modern Warfare 2 full of bugs

Nichols asserted that Infinity Ward would most likely patch the glitch in the future. But it won’t be a priority since the developer has bigger problems to fix first, including game crashing bugs and unfair exploits.

Players reported a bug that caused the game to crash when they joined a party. Early access players had reported a similar issue on top of many visual bugs. The infamous bugs of Scan and Repair PC error are also making a comeback in Modern Warfare 2.

Infinity Ward responded on Twitter, saying that their team was working on fixing the bugs and a patch was planned to be released on October 30.

“This update is now live. Players in parties should see significant improvement,” Infinity Ward tweeted a few hours later.

The game also has another issue with the latest Nvidia drivers. Modern Warfare 2 PC development studio Beenox said that they’d noticed some stability issues related to the latest Nvidia driver 526.47. The studio told players not to update or roll back to version 516.59 or 522.25 drivers.

Nvidia has said that they’re working on fixing the issue. They also said that “is specifically why our latest Game Ready Driver wasn’t promoted or recommended for this title in the first place.”

Another issue that players have to deal with is the exploitation related to the in-game ping system that sometimes grants players a wallhack ability.

“Huge Bug: You can Ping an enemy during the death screen and the Ping lasts for the whole game, essentially giving you wallhacks on that one player for the remainder of the game,” one player wrote on Reddit.

The player also posted a video showing the glitch in action. Infinity Ward responded to the issue by disabling the ping system. This is not the only feature that the developer has disabled. A bug related to attachment tuning also forced Infinity Ward to disable the feature until they fixed it. The bug caused the game to crash when players equipped five tuned attachments.

“If you currently have a tuned attachment equipped, you will need to unequip and reequip it to use your loadout,” Infinite Ward tweeted.