TwitchCon Amsterdam: Fans share memorable experiences meeting Pokimane

Streaming community members express delight after meeting Pokimane at TwitchCon 2022 Amsterdam, tags: fans - Images via maethe and Anny/Twitter

For the first time since 2019, the live streaming and video gaming convention TwitchCon recently returned this year on July 16-17 in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The event was attended by some of the platform’s popular streamers, such as Imane “Pokimane” Anys, Thomas “TommyInnit” Simons, as well as Ruben “Rubius” Gundersen.

TwitchCon Amsterdam was a trending topic on Twitter as fans shared their experiences with their favorite streamers. Among other fanbases, Pokimane’s community appears to be the most vocal on social media, from sharing pictures with her and praising the streamer for being an approachable person in real life.

Pokimane’s fans share excitement

Twitter user @CrunchyCupcakex shared her picture with Pokimane, saying that the streamer was “cuter and more wholesome IRL”. Fellow streamer Brazilian content creator Maethe, who has 432K followers on Twitch, also shared a picture of her and Pokimane, to which Pokimane replied with “LOVE YOU TOOOOO (and your curls)”. Maethe’s post has garnered over 18K likes, with some Brazilian fans expressing their love for the streamer.

Aside from Maethe, Dignitas content creator and Rocket League streamer Elyse “herculyse” Herrera tweeted that she was glad to finally be able to meet Pokimane for the first time. Scottish Twitch streamer Jordan “Jorhdys” also joined the fun and was surprised after Pokimane signed her hat.

More on TwitchCon Amsterdam

According to Dot Esports’ Alex Tsiaoussidis, TwitchCon Amsterdam was attended by 2,000 streamers. Also, streamers who appeared in the event can be differentiated based on the languages they speak.

Other than English, there were Spanish, Portuguese, German, Turkish, Italian, and French-speaking creators. The two creators with the highest follower count are Spanish-speaking streamers Rubius (12.2M) and David “TheGrefg” Martinez (10M). Meanwhile, Pokimane and TommyInnit are trailing close behind the two, with 9.2M and 7.1M followers respectively.

Arguably, this year’s TwitchCon is the most awaited iteration of the annual event. The convention was canceled in late 2020 due to the pandemic, and to make it up for fans, Twitch has prepared two TwitchCon in 2022.

Earlier in February, Twitch revealed via an announcement that TwitchCon Amsterdam is the first convention this year. The second event will be held at San Diego Convention Center on October 7-9.

“Calling all streamers and viewers! Mark your calendars because this is the moment we’ve all been waiting for — TwitchCon is back for the Ultimate Squad Up and here are all the deets!” Twitch said.

“TwitchCon Amsterdam will be held at RAI Amsterdam on 16-17 July and TwitchCon San Diego will be back at the San Diego Convention Center on 7-9 October.”

Some of the sponsors of TwitchCon Amsterdam, such as Prime Video, StockX and Lenovo’s Legion, were responsible for providing content creators with streamer stations during the event.

Also, for the first time in the history of TwitchCon, the event featured a Drag Showcase.

“What if we told you there was one more surprise? What if we told you we’re launching something you’ve never seen at TwitchCon before? What if – okay, okay, we’ll tell you. TwitchCon Amsterdam is hosting our first ever Drag Showcase on the Glitch Stage and we’re on the lookout for drag performers to show off their talents!” Twitch said when it announced the in-event surprise.