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Tyler1 disses Riot Games’ balancing team for unsatisfying updates

Popular Twitch streamer Tyler1 vented his disappointment to the balance team behind Riot Games’ hit MOBA League of Legends during his stream yesterday.

The company has been making several significant updates to the game recently, including a durability patch that’s supposedly granting a slight buff to champions’ health and resistance. This patch was released back in May 2022 and the team has been pressing on with more updates to items and champions.

However, the community’s response has been split and it seems that Tyler1 has been taking the negative side that dislikes the direction of these updates. Known to be almost exclusively playing LoL, the 27-year-old expressed his frustration in his July 27 broadcast and even vowed to especially drop a visit to Riot Games’ HQ to celebrate if the team behind it got laid off.

“If I ever see, like, ‘Riot Games lays off their balance team,’ I promise I will buy a ticket to California, I will get a lawn chair, like, confetti, signs, flags, and as they are carrying their boxes full of staplers, like f*cking, tape, pencils all this shit out to their car,” said the gamer. “I’m gonna be out there heckling them and cheering. Woo! It’s about f*cking time, you piece of sh*t! F*ck you! Woo!”

Remaining faithful

In his stream, Tyler1 revealed his main cause of concern, which was the lack of output from Riot Games’ balancing team to these updates.

“I think the casters are fine, all that team, the esports team; whatever, I think it’s fine, all those guys. I’m literally just talking about balance and client behavior; [they] should be homeless,” he said.

The Twitch star pointed out that the addition where players are able to view which teammates honored each other in the latest League of Legends patch was blatant evidence that the balancing team behind League of Legends is “stealing paychecks”.

This, however, is not the first time Tyler1 has expressed harsh criticism of the game and its balancing decision. Nevertheless, the streamer remains faithful to the game and plays it live daily for thousands of his fans on Twitch.

Malphite update

On the other hand, the company seems keen to keep making big strides on changes as it turns to an abandoned update that has been long-awaited among fans, which is a rework of Malphite. This has been confirmed by top League of Legends developer Ryan Mireles on July 27.

“I do think Malphite probably needs a visual update or art and sustainability [makeover] at some point,” said the game’s lead developer on Reddit.

Since the Monolith’s perks and gameplay are rock solid, the developer might focus more on its design instead of its gameplay. Malphite was introduced to the franchise in September 2009. For some years, Malphite, which has a 47.72 win rate, has been absent from the League meta. Mireles explained that what’s holding the character back was more its decade-old animations and graphics.

“His kit is simple, but it’s still fun and works well,” Mireles said. It was also revealed that the update would “bring the champion closer to modern expectations” through the application of “current art and visual standards.”