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VALORANT Champions 2021: Highlights, results

Esports - Players competing in a League of Legends tournament. - CC BY-SA

There were multiple surprises in the VALORANT Champions this past weekend; some were more shocking than others.

We learned the first surprise in the match between Team Liquid and Sentinels, two teams from rival regions who played against each other for the first time. Team Liquid beats VALORANT’s prediction and took the first spot in Group B from the Sentinels.

Next, a match between FNatic and a team that is statistically almost unbeatable, Vision Strikers. And just like team Liquid, two clean victories from FNatic concluded group D.

Lastly, despite some blips from Gambit Esports, the team still won both matches and can breathe easily as they await the results of the VALORANT Champions playoff bracket.

Bad comms cost Sentinels the game

For the Sentinels, VALORANT Champions 2021 in Berlin is their last chance to prove their worth and dominance in the VALORANT global esports scene. However, other teams appear to be competing as hard as the Sentinels, which may make their dream of winning the first-ever Valorant Champions a little difficult.

On day four of the tournament, the Sentinels had Team Liquid as their opponent. Despite both teams playing their best and putting up a phenomenal performance, Sentinels were forced to return home after losing in the VCT Stage 3 Masters Berlin quarter-finals with a score of 2-1.

Later on in his tweet, Sentinels’ ShahZam talks about the team’s performance against Team Liquid.

FNatic is not a fluke

FNatic vs Vision Strikers took a spot in one of the more memorable matches to date in Valorant Champions.

FNatic has continued to prove that they are one of the top teams in Berlin, one that doesn’t deserve to be overlooked. Although they were previously considered one of the weaker teams in NA and EU, as far as the tournament goes, they are undefeated. These results have made many reconsider their power rankings.

Their most recent win was against a dominant Korean team that isn’t exactly easy to defeat, Vision Strikers. The Strikers team showed an overall strong performance, except on Map 3 of Fracture, where they couldn’t do much and lost 13-3.

If FNatic had made a mistake on Icebox, Vision strikers might have been able to win, however, at the end, FNatic secured their playoff spot early with a 2-1 victory.

Will Gambit maintain their shaky performance in future matches?

Both Gambit and Sentinels were regarded as the two best candidates to win this year’s championship. However, the competition is fiercer than anyone had anticipated.

While the Sentinels were eliminated in the Decider bracket against Team Liquid, Gambit Esports surprised everyone by losing the first map with 13-6 to Team Secret. Luckily, they quickly bounced back to the beat and won the match in a breeze.

The second game was a close one between Gambit and Vikings. From a team that dominated the final Masters event just a few months ago, this situation was unexpected. Whether they got lucky or not on the final map, the fact remains that they won and once again secured the top spot in their group.