VALORANT Champions groups set for VCT Champions 2021

Image via Riot Games

A total of 16 teams will be the participants for the upcoming VCT Champions 2021. The format uses the exact same formula as VALORANT Masters Berlin.

Four groups of four teams will compete in their own GSL-style. The groups will be double-elimination brackets, with teams that later progress to the next step will be randomly seeded into an 8-team single-elimination playoff. The only restriction is that teams from the same group must be on opposite sides of the bracket.

After the final results of the group stages have been concluded, all eight playoff teams will be seeded by a random draw. A first-place group team will play a second-place team from another group in the opening round. All matches will be best-of-three, except for the best-of-five grand finals on Sunday, December 12.

Here are the groups at VCT Champions

Group A: Acend, Team Envy, Vivo Keyd, X10 Esports

Group B: Sentinels, Team Liquid, FURIA, KRU Esports

Group C: Gambit, Crazy Raccoon, Team Secret, Team Vikings

Group D: Vision Strikers, Fnatic, Cloud9, Full Sense

According to Riot Games, the groups were drawn based on “a combination of their respective final placements at Challenger events and the strength of their region”.

In addition, Riot wanted to ensure that teams wouldn’t be matched up in the same group against other teams from the same region. All four Europe, the Middle East, and Africa teams are in separate groups, and the three teams each from North America, Southeast Asia, and Brazil have all been separated as well.


Here is the currently confirmed schedule for VCT Champions. All times are CT and subject to change.

Wednesday, December 1

8 a.m. CT: Vision Strikers vs. Full Sense (Group D)

11 a.m. CT: Vikings vs. Crazy Raccoon (C)

2 p.m. CT: Fnatic vs. Cloud9 (D)

Thursday, December 2

8 a.m. CT: Gambit vs. Secret (C)

11 a.m. CT: KRU vs. Liquid (B)

2 p.m. CT: Sentinels vs. FURIA (B)

Friday, December 3

8 a.m. CT: Acend vs. Vivo Keyd (A)

11 a.m. CT: Envy vs. X10 (A)

2 p.m. CT: Group D winners match

Saturday, December 4

8 a.m. CT: Group B winners match

11 a.m. CT: Group A winners match

2 p.m. CT: Group C winners match

Sunday, December 5

8 a.m. CT: Group C losers match

11 a.m. CT: Group B losers match

2 p.m. CT: Group D losers match

Monday, December 6

8 a.m. CT: Group A losers match

11 a.m. CT: Group B deciders match

2 p.m. CT: Group D deciders match

Tuesday, December 7

11 a.m. CT: Group C deciders match

2 p.m. CT: Group A deciders match

Wednesday, December 8

11 a.m. CT: Quarterfinals

2 p.m. CT: Quarterfinals

Thursday, December 9

11 a.m. CT: Quarterfinals

2 p.m. CT: Quarterfinals

Saturday, December 11

11 a.m. CT: Semifinals

2 p.m. CT: Semifinals

Sunday, December 12

11 a.m. CT: Grand finals (best-of-five)

How to watch

The audience can tune in to all of the official VALORANT streams on both Twitch and YouTube. There will be no live audience in Berlin.

VCT Champions watch parties could be held during the events. However, Riot has not announced the list of streamers to participate in the watch parties so far.