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VALORANT Episode 5, Act 2: Battlepass, event pass, more

Riot Games released VALORANT Episode Five, Act Two yesterday. It includes the latest Battlepass, new skin collections, Champions 2022 Event Pass, and Patch 5.04.

The new Battlepass will have a slew of rewards available in both free and paid versions. In addition, by completing daily and weekly quests, players will acquire a wide range of skins as they level up.

Furthermore, with 55 reward tiers, the Battlepass is the most efficient way for players to accumulate weapon cosmetics at a low cost. Players can earn up to ten different gun buddies, 13 player cards, 17 sprays, and 160 Radianite Points (RP).

“When players equip the Obsidiana or the Immortalized Vandal, we want them to feel just as legendary on their ranked climb as the pros playing on the main stage,” Riot producer Laura Baltzer said.

The Act Two Battlepass will be the first to use the myths and legends theme, a nod to the VALORANT Champions 2022 tournament. To access its contents, players must pay 1000 VP.

Battlepass rewards

Along with the newest Battlepass, a number of new skin lines will be released, including Immortalized Sheriff, Vandal assault rifle, and Piedra del Sol.

The Immortalized Sheriff, which comes with a free portion of the Battlepass, has jagged patterns and a color scheme of gold, red, blue, or bright brass.

The Vandal assault rifle, on the other hand, is a paid-only item and comes in gold, blue, brass, and dark green.

The new Piedra del Sol skin is bulky and colorful, and it appears to be inspired by ancient Aztec architecture, particularly those large Mesoamerican totems.

Legends from various cultures serve as inspiration for the gun buddies. Kiss the Frog, a cute little reptile wearing a crown and resting on a lilypad, is a reference to the Princess and the Frog story.

The Spike Showdown (a homage to Spider-Man pointing at Spider-Man meme), Rising Tide, and KAY/O K.O. were among the player cards included with Episode Five, Act Two battle pass.

The sprays that come with the battle pass also vary in style. The HeHeHe is an annoying giggling frog, the Hit in the Ankle spray refers to Achilles, and many more.

Champions 2022 Event Pass

A new Event Pass allows players to obtain a variety of free cosmetics. There are seven levels in the event pass, each with its own set of titles, player cards, and Radianite points.

• Level 1 – “Jett Diff” Spray

• Level 2 – “Gamer” Title

• Level 3 – 10 Radianite Points

• Level 4 – “NICE!” Player Card

• Level 5 – “Potato” Title

• Level 6 – 10 Radianite Points

• Level 7 – “Champions 2022 Dad Hat” Buddy

From August 23 to September 21, all items in the pass will be free. To acquire them, all players need to do is log in and play the game.

Patch 5.04

Patch 5.04 focuses on crosshair settings. Players can now customize the horizontal and vertical crosshair lines, including changing the colors. The number of crosshair profiles also grew from ten to fifteen.

To choose a custom crosshair color, all the players need to do is :

• Go to Settings >> Crosshair >> Primary, Aim Down Sights, or Sniper Scope.

• Select Custom from the color drop-down menu and enter the desired color’s Hex Code (6-digit RGB) value.

If players enter a non-Hex code, the crosshair will revert to its previous color.