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World of Tanks to release new side quests with Dr Disrespect in celebration of 8th birthday

Wargaming’s online multiplayer game, World of Tanks Blitz, is celebrating its eighth anniversary. The developer has prepared special events and rewards and partnered with live streamers to commemorate the game’s journey in mobile gaming, including Herschel “Guy” Beahm IV, better known as Dr Disrespect.

The collaboration was announced this week on June 23 via a minute-long video. The collaboration includes the release of new side quests, Doc-themed cosmetics, and many more, which will be added to the game until July 7.

“If you want to dominate the battlefield, you better look good doing it,” Dr Disrespect said.

Dr Disrespect in World of Tanks Blitz

Dr Disrespect, a two-time Blockbuster Video Game Champion, is the latest addition to the game’s birthday event. Aside from two additional new side quests, fans can get their hands on exclusive animated camo, an avatar, and Dr Disrespect-related cosmetics.

The announcement received positive responses from Dr Disrespect’s fans.

“Dr Disrespect is In World of Tanks Blitz! Yayayaya!” World of Tanks Blitz announced.

“Dominate the battlefield, and look good doing it with Dr Disrespect! Progress through the tiered missions and earn thematic avatars, camos, and mountains of resources! Watch the full video to get a special Champions Club bonus! Did somebody say Yayayaya!?”

The game will also be giving free items, which can be earned by logging in to the game during the event.

It is important to note that the event was not made for all six servers of World of Tanks Blitz. Instead, Wargaming only launched the Dr Disrespect event for EU, NA, and SEA servers. The team has confirmed on Steam that the event would not expand to the rest of the servers.

New players, especially those with tier IV tanks or under, may only participate to get an avatar or gold. Those with higher-tier tanks can participate in the Dr Disrespect event by completing a series of missions to win cosmetics, avatars, and a choke-full of resources.

Prior to the announcement, there had been discussions on Reddit about Dr Disrespect’s frequent plays of the game. Several users insisted that it meant a collaborative event would soon launch.

During one of his live streams earlier this month, Doc skipped the tutorial and went straight to tier 10 games without any equipment. Many then criticized the birthday event as a waste of money because of the incident.

Another birthday event

In another regular monthly update, Wargaming rolled in another surprise event in which players are given the chance to win a CS-52 LIS tank, a new tier VIII Polish premium tank, and event-exclusive “Arcade Party Birthday” camo. The event will be available until June 28.

The new tank is only accessible in blueprints, while the camo can be acquired via daily quest completions. CS-52 LIS is often considered a good choice for players who play medium tanks.

During the event, players can explore the Arcade Arena, which can only be accessed using the game’s Battle Pass. The event also includes the Seniority Award, which can be won by playing the game.