xQc addresses racist accusation following Twitch Rival event

Twitch streamer and internet personality Félix Lengyel, better known as xQc, has been accused of racism by a number of Spanish live streamers during the Rust classic Twitch Rivals event on April 14.

The Spanish streamers said they were disrespected by their North American counterparts, including xQc.

After being locked in a massive and heated chat debate in Rust, xQc and his fellow North American streamers appeared to be stunned over the racist claim. They questioned why such a thing was even brought about during the event. xQc dismissed the Spanish team, saying they were childish, mushy, and whiny.

How situation escalates

Twitch Rivals is an online competitive event play that features Twitch streamers and former professional players. The event is intended to not only be a head-to-head competition, but also one that is lighthearted and sweet.

In Facepunch Studios’ hit multiplayer online title, Rust, which was recently added to Twitch Rivals, each team must collect resources, cash, and dog tags to accumulate points in order to win a $100,000 prize pool.

However, the Rust classic event on April 14 proved anything but sour for the two teams competing in the event. It lasted for two days as it pitted teams both from Latin American countries and Spain against the NA team.

The situation escalated after the Spanish team threatened to forfeit after only one day in. Some of the Spanish-speaking streamers decided to quit the 48-hour event early. One of them tweeted what he thought was unpleasant.

“I’m going to sleep people! I’m very sorry I’m not going to play the rival tomorrow, I think it’s embarrassing the lack of respect they are having and the disastrous organization of the tournament, it was fun for a moment. Tomorrow we hit it hard,” Ricoy said, per a translation.

xQc’s response

While both teams were in a heated debate, xQc said, “oh, I said you’re s**t at Rust, get a job? Still mad about that?”

The Canadian’s words were not accepted by the opposing team, prompting dilanzito to fire back, saying, “xQc, you are the most racist guy.”

Hearing dilanzito’s claims, xQc remained silent, appearing to be stunned by what he had heard. However, it did not take long for the 26-year-old to share his two cents on the matter.

“LMFAO, who the f**k types that in your employers’ tournament chat,” xQc added. “This guy is losing his f**king mind. His marbles are falling out of his pocket man. Dude, what the f**k?”

xQc then took to Twitter on April 15, calling out the Spanish team over their childish play. He also said that they could have won the prize pool due to the time zone difference.

“They could literally log in during their prime time when we are all asleep, grind for materials and loot, and prepare a plan,” xQc explained. “They could literally raid our base in the last three hours and get free $100,000.”

xQc then went on to condemn and insult his Spanish counterparts.

“But instead they go to Twitter, cry to the admins, cry in chat, cry on stream, and make little meetings about quitting like bitches. Who the fuck raised these suckers? Absolute soy boys,” xQc added.

After the incident, Team Liquid streamer Lucas “Mendo” Håkansson voiced his support for xQc.

“It is spineless, it is childish, and I cannot believe that actually happened with a set of streamers that are grown adults when they call us 14-year-olds,” Mendo said.