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XQc reacts to being included in Daily Dose of Internet

Felix “XQc” Lengyel, one of the largest streamers on Twitch, found himself on an episode of Daily Dose of Internet, a popular Youtube channel with 14.1 million subs where the host highlights varied news and topics.

XQc would often watch these episodes alongside his viewers, streaming his reactions. The streamer was surprised to see himself in one of these episodes after being a long-time viewer of Daily Dose of Internet. However, this depiction wasn’t the most flattering.

As the clip begins, the commentator says: “These streamers are trying to make electronic music without having any knowledge of music theory,” meanwhile XQc can be seen randomly selecting notes in the music program while saying,

“You don’t need music theory. This is just like… like, a baby could figure this out over time. It’s just like blocks. You’re finding noises you like and stuff, you don’t really need theory.”

XQc then plays the music before admitting, “Okay, I think you need theory”. Rather than be annoyed at the unflattering clip, XQc just laughs and says, “Good one, dude.”

His Twitch chat channel members then repeatedly say, “This guy knows how to make it in a Daily Dose of Internet video.” — a reference to an early 2021 clip where XQc reacted to another episode of Daily Dose of Internet where a person can be heard saying, “This guy really knows how to draw a perfect circle”. XQc then repeats the line himself while laughing. This clip went viral, earning over 700,000 views on Youtube and having multiple re-uploads.

About XQc and Daily Dose of Internet

XQc is one of the most popular streamers on Twitch, with over 11 million followers. He is one of the top streamers when it comes to hours watched despite his casual streams. His most popular content is him reacting to various reality TV shows and his Amber Heard vs. Johnny Depp trial watch parties.

XQc got his start in 2016 as a professional Overwatch player. He gained notoriety after being named MVP for the 2017 Overwatch World Cup. Later that year, he was signed onto Dallas Fuel for Overwatch League, where he was involved in several controversies due to his in-game behavior.

After he was released from the organization in 2018, he focused on his streaming career and quickly became one of Twitch’s most successful variety streamers. In 2021, he had a total of 274 million hours watched, making him the most watched streamer of the year. Despite some recent controversy regarding him streaming crypto gambling, his stream’s audience and watch hours continue to grow. His viewership peaked in 2022 when he streamed the beta for Overwatch 2, reaching 312,000 concurrent viewers.

Daily Dose of Internet, meanwhile, is a Youtube channel started on July 15, 2015, by Jason Gryniewicz. The channel compiles and posts trending videos. While the channel used to upload daily, Gryniewicz now asks permission for the videos used. Thus, he now uploads two to three times per week, contrary to the channel’s name. The channel has received over 100 million views over the past 30 days and does not show signs of stopping.