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Asmongold: Casual players ‘abso-f**kin’-lutely’ can enjoy WoW WoTLK Classic

Twitch star and avid WoW player Asmongold has commented that the recently released WoW Wrath of the Lich King Classic expansion is easier to play and that it can “abso-f**kin’-lutely” be enjoyed casually, despite the notorious reputation of its retail version for mostly being not too friendly for casual players.

“This game is so f**king easy. Will you wipe? Yes, you’ll wipe. Yes, you’ll make mistakes. But probably not that many,” said the 31-year-old streamer. “Do not try to thin you need best in slot items. Don’t put yourself through that bullsh*t.”

According to the OTK network co-owner, Wrath of the Lich King is a good starting point for players who are relatively new to the WoW Classic. He said that players would enjoy playing the game by grinding as much as they could. However, if the players grind just for the sake of grinding, he encourages them to reevaluate their gaming priorities.

Generally, his best advice for anyone playing Wrath of the Lich King Classic was to “play the game and do it the way you want to do it.”

Wrath of the Lich King is known to be one of WoW’s most iconic expansions, and many features have already been added to WoW Classic with the pre-patch download. The expansion has been available since September 26 and will invite the players to explore the story of Arthas Menethil, the Lich King.

The expansion also introduces the Death Knight class, the inscription profession, the discovery of the continent Northrend, along with several new dungeons in Azeroth. After the official launch, “new” lore and content will reportedly be released to players in five phases.

Currently, Blizzard’s official newsroom has only announced the first phase of the expansion, which will begin on October 6 with the classic WoW raids Naxxramas, the Eye of Eternity, and the Obsidian Sanctum soon to be available. A special raid called The Vault of Archavon is also introduced, although it’s only accessible if the player’s chosen faction controls the PvP area of Wintergrasp.

Asmongold may stop streaming on main

The live stream in which he said the above comment might be Asmongold’s last live stream — or at least, it may be his main channel’s last live stream — as the streamer has indicated that he might never use his primary channel again, leaving behind his 3.3 million fans.

Although Asmongold still streams on his second channel, zackrawrr, which has 944,000 subscribers, he mentioned that he would now stream less frequently, mainly due to the recent controversy surrounding Mizkif and CrazySlick that entangled OTK.

“I put a tweet in my drafts that I was gonna tweet out that I was gonna go live on my main channel today,” he said during the stream. “I woke up at like 7 in the morning, and I was just having like a panic attack, and I was freaking out about it. I couldn’t go back to sleep at all.”

“I just said f–k it, and I just gave up. I don’t know if I will ever stream on my main channel again at this point. I’m going to be honest, I don’t know if I’ll ever stream on main channel again,” he continued.