Sykkuno Streamer Profile | Sykkuno’s Rise To Fame

Many of the top Twitch streamers started off from humble backgrounds, with Twitch channels they created a long time ago as a fun little side project or a space to sometimes share their gameplay for a few dozen people, if lucky. After all, it’s an incredibly competitive environment, and for every streamer that does succeed there’s hundreds if not thousands that go by completely unnoticed.


Sykkuno was also one of those people who probably never dreamed that one day he’ll be one of the most popular faces on Twitch. He became incredibly popular in 2019 when Among Us exploded and everyone on Twitch started playing it. Sykkuno played it with his friends from OfflineTV, and those were some of the most watched streams during that time. This quickly propelled Sykkuno’s Twitch channel to the very top and opened the doors for a much wider audience to come in.

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Who is Sykkuno?

Everybody knows Sykkuno as the Twitch star of today, but not much is known of his personal life. Sykkuno’s real name is Thomas, but the internet only learned about this after a few of his friends leaked it unintentionally.

However, while his real life story is shrouded in mystery, his Twitch personality does seem completely genuine and real. One of the reasons so many people visit and stay during his streams is because he creates a very relaxed and laid-back atmosphere. There’s not much yelling or screaming to gain attention, but instead the viewers stay for his calm demeanor and his rather shy persona.

It also helps that he tends to play a good variety of games and is not trapped in one single game, which is something that happens more often than not to Twitch streamers.

His shy personality tends to sway almost everyone who meets him or watches him live, and both viewers and streamers often tend to like Sykkuno immediately. The internet has named this phenomena as the “Sykkuno Effect”.

Sykkuno’s age is also somewhat of a mystery, although we do know that he was born on June 4th. He did end up spilling the beans and revealing that he was 28 during one of the streams with his friends from OfflineTV, but this information was never updated on any of his social media up to this day.

How it all began

Sykkuno didn’t become one of the top esports streamers overnight. He actually created both his YouTube channel and his Twitch channel all the way back in 2011. For the longest time, he used to play League of Legends and create content for the game which he would end up uploading to his YouTube channel.

It was only in 2019 that he started streaming more regularly, after his friend and fellow streamer LilyPichu convinced him to do so. Not much time had passed and the Among Us fever began, and so did Sykkuno’s rise to the top.


The top streams at that time were of the OfflineTV members playing the game together and sharing many laughs and jokes in the voice chat. Sykkuno was immediately noticed and slowly started gaining more followers than he could ever imagine. It did help that he was surrounded by incredibly popular stars such as Pokimane, Valkyrae, and Corpse Husband.

This completely sealed Sykkuno’s fate and his channel suddenly blew up in early 2020 and has continued to grow to this day.

Nowadays, Sykkuno averages around 25.000 viewers with peaks reaching up to 33.000. His channel has over 3.6 million followers and he no longer focuses solely on League of Legends, but plays a lot of Among Us, GTA V RP, Rust, Minecraft, and a whole lot of Valorant. His channel is in a great spot, and he’s currently one of the top Twitch streamers in the world.

Sykkuno’s Twitch Streams

Sykkuno plays a lot of casual and fun games with his friends, and his audience does enjoy those streams. However, many tend to forget that he’s also a very skilled player.

Even during his early League of Legends days, he would create content around the game and share his tips and tricks with his audience. Nowadays, we can see Sykkuno land clutch kills and some truly epic plays in Valorant, and as time goes on, he just seems to get better and better.


Sykkuno Valorant streams and clips are some of the most popular ones, and his fans truly enjoy them. With the way the game is currently doing, it’s safe to assume that Sykkuno will not stop playing it for a long time to come.

The Offline TV Days

Sykkuno’s personality and engaging content is what makes him unique and popular, but it’s also fair to give credit to a lot of his friends from Offline TV who helped him get to where is now.

If LilyPichu had not convinced Sykkuno to start streaming, the world of Twitch would not be the same today. Them playing together during the days of Among Us fever were also very crucial in bringing views and followers to Sykkuno, making his channel grow exponentially fast.

At one point, Sykkuno also joined Offline TV and moved in with the rest of the members. However, shortly after he decided to move back with his family and settle in Las Vegas, Nevada.

While they are all clearly good friends, it’s also something that many streamers tend to do, and that’s networking. In Sykkuno’s case, it turned out to be the best of both worlds. Together, they are one big family, and they share a bond that many dream of having one day.