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Mike Grzesiek is known by many nicknames in the world of CS:GO and PUBG’s players, streamers and Reddit users. Sometimes referred to as the King of Reddit, Mike is better known as “shroud”, one of the most popular PUBG full-time streamers. Since his retirement from professional CS:GO, he found a way of combining his exceptional skills as a first-person shooter professional player, with his friendly demeanour and social nature.

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What began as an illustrious career with in the starting roster of Cloud9, took a turn for the better as shroud Twitch streamer. The transition to streaming PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds was anything but capricious and arbitrary, since the first-person shooter has many things in common with CS:GO. Mike was never known for his consistency, but instead he was always capable of dazzling the eye with his colourful plays. Today, he puts his undeniable talent in the service of his Twitch followers who enjoy watching his streams, precisely for these flamboyant plays.

Shroud’s Professional CS:GO Career and Legacy

Mike was born in 1994 in Canada, but relocated to Orange County in California, after becoming a successful Counter Strike Global Offensive player. He chose to walk down his path when he was 20 and this is also the time when the nickname “shroud” became popular. Even before he was acquired by Cloud9 in 2014, Grzesiek was active on streaming platforms and the shroud Twitch persona had already gained some popularity. An important moment in his career as a professional player came when he secured his place in the starting roster of Cloud9, one of the best-known and most respected North American teams.

His Twitch followers know that shroud isn’t exactly the most predictable and consistent player, but he more than compensates his digressions through sheer talent. Not surprisingly, he was able to defend his position in the starting formation for three years, being second only to Jordan Gilbert as the longest standing member of the team. The moment Mike realised that he won’t be able to start matches for Cloud9, he made up his mind to forsake professional Counter Strike Global Offensive. The decision to wholeheartedly embrace the shroud Twitch vocation was a turning point in his illustrious career.

Shroud Finds Out that Nobody is Above the Rules

As a highly successful streamer, shroud was able to steadily expand his twitch follower base. His streams are watched by tens of thousands of people and many more subscribes to his channel. What inspired Grzesiek to choose PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds as his game of choice after retiring from the professional gaming scene, even though the game was still in its infant stages, it had been showing tremendous potential for growth and eventually exceeded all expectations.

The Shroud Twitch channel surged on this wave of popularity and as a successful streamer, Mike was able to get away with a lot of things. However, one particular decision came back to bite him, as his channel was banned for a month. The reason behind this seeming harsh decision was cheating, one of the most serious offences punishable by Twitch moderators. Shroud chose to team up with a hacker and rode with him in a flying car, scoring kills and broadcasting everything on Twitch.


At the time of breaking the rules, he wasn’t particularly concerned about the prospect of being sanctioned, although he jokingly anticipated the ban. The sanction came swiftly and even though the Shroud Twitch streams were suspended for a month, the outfall wasn’t too bad. Much to his credit, Michael was quick to acknowledge his mistake and apologised for his actions, even though he wasn’t terribly worried.

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The moderators were compelled to hand out the sanction, to discourage other streamers from committing similar offences. As anticipated, the situation generated discussions and mixed reactions on Reddit, with some commiserating with shroud, while others blamed PUBG for applying double standards. The incident and the resulting discussions died out of their own volition, and the Shroud Twitch streams have resumed their surge.

Last year was better than the previous and 2019 shows clear signs of being the best year yet for shroud on Twitch. The channel added nearly 200,000 new followers and as many as 45,000 people were watching the streams simultaneously at peak hours. Speaking of which, the psychological threshold of 5 million viewer hours has been crossed and the forecast for the rest of the year is optimistic. Mike Grzesiek’s speculated return to the professional CS:GO stage looks less likely by the day, but Shroud streamer is growing stronger than ever.

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