Summit1g Streamer Profile – Everything you Need to Know

The very idea of making money online by streaming video games, played casually or professionally, passed through three distinct phases: First it was dismissed as nonsense, then intensely debated and bashed by naysayers, and in the end, it was embraced as being self-evident.

Today, young people with a genuine passion for video games in general and esports in particular dream about having success on Twitch. There are many who try, but few succeed and amongst them, Summit1g stands out from the crowd.


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Live Summit1g Twitch Streaming

Who is Summit1g and what does he do?

Summit1g is obviously a gamer and a very talented guy that managed to make a name for himself in this competitive line of work.

After all these years, it remains unclear what Summit1g means and from where he got the name. One version is that he was playing a decisive round of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and as the last man standing, he was supposed to simply defuse the bomb. As he looked at his teammates, he failed to notice a Molotov fire, died and the bomb exploded.

Another popular theory regarding his name is that he always wanted to play in the CS:GO clan called 1st Generation, which was commonly referred to as 1G. He basically adopted the name into his online nickname and that is how he went on to be known as a professional player and later on, as a successful Twitch streamer.

In addition to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, he also played Pokemon Go and H1Z1 and is famous for being one of the most flexible online streamers even today.

Summit1g is incredibly skilled and well known for his talent as a gamer and his pleasant personality. Summit1g’s real name is Jaryd Lazar and he was born 31 years ago on April 23, 1987. While he enjoys tremendous popularity on Twitch, he is very jealous of his privacy and very little is known about his private life.

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A quick glance and Summit1g’s Career

It is hard to imagine Summit1g’s humble beginnings, but he has been around since 2011. Back then, there was no such thing as Twitch, only its predecessor which went by the name of His career started with Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Black Ops and Halo streams, and took off in 2012 when he dedicated more time to CSGO. Summit1g set another important milestone in 2014, after the streaming platform was acquired by Amazon Prime.

Over the next three years, he managed to maintain a steady viewership of more than 20,000 viewers per day. Things took a turn for the better in 2017 with the advent of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, as he was one of the early adopters. As more and more players embraced the new genre, Summit1g became the most followed streamer on Twitch in the first month of 2018. In terms of sheer numbers, this represents the highlight of his career, but Jaryd seems to have no intention of stopping anytime soon.

The natural step forward for many online streamers was to embrace Fortnite, the recently nominated game of the year. This is a true phenomenon, with people either loving or hating that game, but remains nevertheless immensely popular. The Summit1g Fortnite channel enjoys the same attention as his other live broadcasts on Twitch and that’s mostly because of his professionalism. This is the kind of guy that takes note, tries to improve and takes the time to explain everything to those watching him play.

The future looks bright for Summit1g

Past performance can help us predict future performance and in this regard Summit1g has a very promising career ahead. In 2018 he became the most followed streamer and even though he lost the top position on the Twitch podium, he is still among the elite.

What makes Summit1g special is that he’s been around for a long time, has an immense wealth of experience and has always found a way to stay at the top. He has in excess of 3 million followers and the Summit1g fortnite channel brings a stream of new viewers and followers every month.

Jaryd also happens to be a very nice guy. He’s a pleasure to interview and doesn’t overly brag about his achievements, something which cannot always be said about his counterparts. He is also an important presence on YouTube where he has more than half a million subscribers, but Summit1g spends most of his time on Twitch and Twitter. The bottom line is that the name speaks for itself and Summit is an apex video game streamer.

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