Fantasy Esports – A Comprehensive Guide for 2021 Esports Fantasy

Fantasy sports have survived the online gambling revolution and lost none of their shine after all these years. Not surprisingly, the advent of electronic sports didn’t go unnoticed and the industry was quick to incorporate the most popular videogames. Today, it is possible to play fantasy esports and put your game knowledge to the test in a competitive arena.

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Fantasy Esports vs Esports Betting

Traditional esports betting and fantasy leagues require players to predict the outcome of the game. In both cases, punters are rewarded for their ability to anticipate what happens during the match, with several in-game events being covered. Research and practice go a long way in both cases, but there are differences and certain aspects specific to each type of game.

Esports betting at conventional bookmakers will require punters to bet an amount at predetermined odds and get paid accordingly if they make the right decision. There is a clear link between the sum invested and the potential profits, so players know what is up for grabs and what can be lost. They only get to pick the teams or pro-gamers based on the existing competitors and hope for the desired result.

Fantasy esports are slightly more different, as they allow punters to assemble their own squads that include players from several teams. The performance of individual pro-gamers, as well as the results recorded by their teams, is factored in to determine the winners. Fantasy esports can also be played for free or using virtual currency, which is ideal for countries where traditional sports betting isn’t legal.


Fantasy Esports Games

The expansion of fantasy esports mirrors the progress of traditional betting on video games. Not surprisingly, major platforms, such as DraftKings have expanded their lineup of games to include all the popular genres. Multiplayer online battle arena fans can play fantasy League of Legends, while first-person shooters can try Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Call of Duty. Rocket League is the most recent addition to fantasy esports and more titles are likely to be added in the foreseeable future.

Fantasy Esports Tournaments

The coverage of fantasy esports is rapidly expanding, even though it still lacks traditional betting options. When it comes to games and esports tournaments covered, the focus is clearly on flagship competitions. These are some of the major events that punters can partake in when they jump on the fantasy esports bandwagon.

Fantasy CoD

The Call of Duty World League Championship is the flagship competition for the first-person shooter. It takes place on a yearly basis, which provides CoD fantasy fans with the chance to put their knowledge to good use. Throughout the regular season, CoD World League events represent the bread and butter of fantasy sports, with multiple events around the world.

Fantasy CS:GO

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the most popular FPS game and the one that enjoys the best coverage in fantasy esports. Punters can take part in fantasy BLAST Premier spring and summer tournaments and the DH Masters which involve European and North American teams. On all major Fantasy Esports Platforms, you’ll be able to enjoy Fantasy CSGO all year round.


CS_Summit Fantasy at DraftKings

Fantasy Rocket League

The latest addition to the fantasy esports environment, Rocket League Fantasy only has limited coverage of tournaments. Arguably the most prestigious event is the Rocket League Championship Series which brings together the best players in the world.

Fantasy League of Legends

The League of Legends Championship Series is probably one of the best League of Legends tournaments for Fantasy Play.

  • How to play Fantasy League of Legends

Players begin by creating their own fantasy league with up to eight teams, or by joining one if they receive an invitation from a friend. Once the league is operational, it is time to move on to the next step, which consists of drafting the team.

There are seven starting positions, including the classic top and mid laners, jungler, AD carry and support, as well as a flex player, and one Team.

Each team can also have a number of alternate players, which can start the game instead of a regular member. Fantasy League of Legends allows players to have a maximum of two players occupying the same position, so picks must be carefully distributed.


Fantasy League of Legends at DraftKings

Try Out Fantasy Esports at DraftKings

DraftKings is the industry leader in fantasy sports and in recent years, it has turned its attention to the fast-rising fantasy esports industry. The biggest daily fantasy website dedicates ample coverage to the most important North American sports leagues.

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CS:GO, LoL, Rocket League and Call of Duty contests
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Esports Fantasy FAQs

  • What is Fantasy Esports?

Fantasy Esports are games of skill in which players try to assemble the best team, using a combination of players that perform in real games and tournaments.

  • Is it safe to play fantasy esports?

As long as you choose a reliable fantasy platform, such as DraftKings, you will be able to enjoy the games safely and reap the rewards of your correct predictions.

  • Which games are available for fantasy esports?

The list of games is on a constant expansion and it currently includes the most popular titles such as League of Legends, Dota 2, Counter Strike Global Offensive, Call of Duty and Rocket League.

  • Is it legal to play fantasy esports?

Fantasy e-sports are legal even in most US states where traditional sports betting isn’t allowed. There are only a few exceptions, so prospective players should check before signing up and placing the bets.