CS:GO Fantasy: A new way to live the action

CS:GO fantasy is already a fact. Fantasy sports entered the betting markets several years ago, and as expected esports have not been left behind.

In this way, dozens of platforms worldwide have added to their menus and catalogs the option to create your fantasy team in the biggest esports titles, such as Lol, Dota2, and CS:GO DFS.

And, of course, in some cases they allow you to make bets with your “so well thought out” roster.

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Why CS:GO fantasy?

One of the factors that allow sports, and in this case esports, to become fantasy games is the savage number of fans willing to create their theories of how fictional teams would work.

To begin with, fantasy sports are not a new phenomenon; there are hundreds of pages with numerous betting concepts to invent your soccer team based on the statistics of professional players. Besides, by 2016 it was already normal that you could create your league of Legends team.

The latter became so interesting that in fantasy tournaments you can see teams made up of five professional midlaners, who at the end of the day perform well; something that would be impossible in real play.

On the other hand, Counter-Strike has been one of the favorite games of gamblers for more than 5 years, so its audience was already quite prone to estimate statistics and recognition, and do some research of professional teams/players.

For this reason, and the fact that there are almost 20 million players and fans of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, it’s birth as a fantasy esport was imminent. But, what does the CSGO fantasy have to offer you?

A lot of fun and possibly some money

One of the reasons why CS:GO DFS works so well is the ability to estimate games through players’ performance.


CS:GO Fantasy

For example, if entering a fantasy game with a good mix between Movistar Riders and Godsent, you may have statistics for a sure victory; which is another reason why this might interest you, if you know the game well and how the teams in the top work.

How does CS:GO fantasy work?

Differently from CSGO live gambling, and more like traditional fantasy sports, with CS:GO DFS you will set up a team using professional players.

To do this, you must wait for an event and subscribe to a page that allows you to keep track of the roster and statistics of the players you choose.

Later, when the real games take place, the statistics show the results of your fantasy game.

Also, to avoid filling a team with pure world champions, this type of practice has certain restrictions.

For example, each player has a price and you have a maximum budget that you can spend on your entire team.

On the previous point, it should be noted that higher-ranking players with better stats tend to be more expensive. On the other hand, a common arrangement is that you cannot repeat the same player several times in one team.

Here is a clue: The best thing about counter-strike is that this game requires more skill and strategy than experience, so you could line your pockets if you put together a good team of rising stars.

Fantasy CSGO in a nutshell:

  • Subscribe to a DFS platform that includes the game
  • Create a team
  • Participate in individual matches or play for an event
  • Wait for the results and get the points based on your team’s performance

Where can I play a fantasy counter strike match?

As we said, there are dozens of sites where you can play fantasy sports and esports; however few allow you to make real bets with the CSGO Fantasy League team.

At the moment our biggest recommendation would be Draftkings. This fantasy sports’ titan offers a wide service, so you will have access to a lot of additional statistics allowing you to collect points and victories through elements like the use of grenades, assists, and kills.

In other words, you can go far beyond the traditional “win or lose” factor. Also, if you want to try your luck Draftkings esports offers you a $20 Welcome Bonus against your first deposit (which must be at least $5).


CSGO Fantasy at DraftKings

Try Fantasy Esports with DraftKings

This benefit is extremely economical and allows you to start playing with your CS:GO Fantasy League team quickly and under very low risk. Besides, the site allows you to participate in missions called “achievements” with which your performance will guarantee you additional points to continue betting on the site.

Participate in CSGO Fantasy League

While betting on a real game will have that excitement of the moment, only a true fan can create a “What If” team and enjoy the results. So, make sure your CS:GO Fantasy League team is well-based and make sure to try it out with low-risk matches before going into deep tournaments.