Streamer Profile – Everything you Need to Know about Ninja Gamer

Streaming video games is a moneymaking machine for a select group of people and an elusive dream for the vast majority of gamers. There are plenty of streamers who are successful today, but one name comes to mind each time people discuss this industry. Ninja or NinjasHyper is the ultimate streamer and in 2018 he emerged as the absolute best on Twitch, with millions of dollars made. He has in excess of 11 million followers and tens of thousands of people watch every stream, making him an Internet personality.

The reason for why he chose Ninja as his nickname is shrouded in mystery, but the fact that the highly successful streamer is actually called Richard Tyler Blevins is a certainty. He was born in the Detroit area, and when his parents decided to move they apparently didn’t choose a much safer city as they traded Detroit for the Chicago suburbs. Yet, young Richard made the most of these changes which, in retrospect, put him on the right track to success. Speaking of which, there are not many people out there who know that his first name is actually Richard, as he wholeheartedly embraced his online alias Ninja.

Richard took a leap of faith with video games and decided to play professionally immediately after he graduated from Grayslake Central High School. This is how Ninja gamer came to be, and it all started with him playing Halo 3 professionally back in 2009.


Next year, Ninja will celebrate a decade of an illustrious career that made him famous, even though he tasted real success as a streamer. Ninja decided to switch from Halo 3 to H1Z1 and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds while eventually embracing Fortnite.

The transition from the Ninja gamer to the Ninja streamer was silky smooth, and much to the delight of those who watch his broadcasts, he remains just as skilled. The decision to open the Ninja Fortnite channel was a brilliant one, since this was the decisive milestone in his career. As he began to stream the game regularly, his viewership increased steadily and in late 2017 he had more than 500,000 followers.

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Fortnite propelled Ninja to new heights

His gaming ability, a friendly demeanour and his immense talent in entertaining people are the main ingredients in his recipe for success. Ninja also has a keen eye for promising games and he was among the first to dedicate a lot of time to Fortnite. The free to play model of the game and the fast growing fan base ensured its immediate success and Ninja cashed in on being among the early adopters.

In early 2018 he was already immensely popular and just when people started thinking that things couldn’t possibly get any better, they did. The decision to host the game with Drake, Juju Smith-Schuster and Travis Scott helped him set a new record for the number of people watching an individual stream.

On YouTube alone, he has more than 17 million subscribers, and it is now official that he makes in excess of half a million dollars per month. To put things into perspective, this is only the revenue generated by the Ninja Fortnite twitch and YouTube channel, as he has other lucrative channels too. His deal with Red Bull Esports has brought more money to his coffers, and in September 2018 he also got international recognition. He appeared on the cover of the popular ESPN The Magazine, as the first pro esports player ever to be featured here.

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The good the bad and the ugly

To say that Ninja is a rich man would be the understatement of the year, as he makes a fortune every month. Much to his credit, he is a generous and thoughtful guy who found it worthwhile to give something back to the community. He regularly raises money for charity and gave away tens of thousands of dollars when he hosted the first Fortnite Battle Royale Esports event in the first half of 2018. He donated an additional $1 million later this year and most of this money went in aid of children.

Now that you know the good, it’s time to take a quick glance at the bad, which fortunately isn’t nearly as bad as some might want it to sound. That’s because the controversy caused by the interview he gave to Polygon at the Samsung event blew over and for a good reason. Ninja said that he doesn’t stream with female gamers because he wants to protect his marriage and some people found this to be misogynistic. Throughout his career, he never displayed any tendencies towards the discrimination of women gamers and most of these arguments, brought forward by his detractors, have been written off as a pile of nonsense.

Ninja is actually a cool looking guy, so there’s nothing ugly about him. In 2018 he was at the center of a death hoax stating that he had died of ligma, a fake disease that nevertheless sent shockwaves throughout his community of followers. The good news is that Ninja is alive and well, so we are likely to enjoy his scenes for many years to come.

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The Grass is Greener on the Mixer Side

Ninja was never afraid of making radical changes, even when these meant for him to jump headfirst into uncharted waters. He is the biggest name in Fortnite and one of the most successful Twitch streamers, with a huge fan base on the popular streaming platform. Tyler made millions here, but he announced his fans over Twitter that he is ready for “the next chapter.” He will be streaming exclusively on Mixer, the streaming service owned by Microsoft that used to go by the name of Beam, before the rebranding.

According to Tyler, no other changes should be expected, as his move to Mixer won’t affect his Fortnite streams in any way. His departure from Twitch has left the platform without one of its biggest stars, but Mixer will benefit greatly from Ninja and his community’s arrival. Known by his screen name, Richard Tyler Blevins also gets an incredible level of mainstream attention in the US. Time will tell if his decision to switch to Mixer will provide fellow Twitch streamers with the impetus to do the same.

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