The Definitive World of Warcraft Live Betting Guide

World of Warcraft is the best-known and most successful MMORPG ever created. Blizzard keeps it up to date with patches and releases new content every two years. 2018 is a great year for the fans of the genre as the franchise was set another important milestone. This is also one of the few games belonging to this genre that is played competitively as an esport.

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Bookmakers feature the game in their collection and have made World of Warcraft Live Betting one of their most important sections. While most players prefer the PvE environment, the PVP community is as strong and enthusiastic as ever. Professional players fight for supremacy in major tournaments each year.

World of Warcraft Gameplay

A massively multiplayer online role-playing game, World of Warcraft was released in 2004 and until 2018 had six expansions. The game has two main components, one being the PVE in which players try to defeat bosses and complete dungeons. The other component is the PVP where players fight each other in arenas and on larger battlefields. Both types of gameplay are popular and players can watch professionals on World of Warcraft live streaming, as they excel in both PVE and PVP.

When it comes to World of Warcraft live betting, this is only suitable for player versus player action. Combatants join one of the two teams, which can consist of as little as two players or as many as five. There is no standard team setup, but many combinations are possible, which makes betting more exciting. The hierarchy changes every year and as new professional players emerge, predicting the outcome of PVP battles is a real challenge. This makes it essential to watch the game on World of Warcraft streaming.

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Esports Bonus Comparison

World of Warcraft Live Betting

Depending on team composition, experience and ranking WoW teams can start matches as favorites or underdogs . The beauty of World of Warcraft in-play betting is that players can take advantage of the inevitable changes that occur on the battlefield. You can bet throughout the match, although the window of opportunity is relatively narrow. That’s because the games are intense and short, with winners being decided usually in a few minutes.

Betting live on WoW has the advantage of locking in on the best possible odds. It goes without saying that in order to maximize the return on investment you need to choose a top bookmaker. The balance of forces changes all the time and if one of the team members dies, the squad has small chances to succeed. In fact, when a team manages to inflict enough damage upon an enemy, the odds tumble. Savvy players usually analyze the slightest details, such as dropping hit points, mana or energy when betting.

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The most popular betting markets are on the outright winner, but major bookmakers provide punters with special types of wagers. Modern sports books who cover esports will broadcast most of the games themselves on their online platform. When players don’t enjoy this convenient solution, they can always resort to World of Warcraft Twitch streams. All important tournaments are covered on this platform, so punters can make an educated decision.

World of Warcraft Live Streaming

Compared to traditional sports competitions, esports are more dynamic, fast-paced and to some extent unpredictable. Things can change irreversibly in a matter of seconds and if you miss your chance, you can’t make amends. There’s simply no way to bet on this MMORPG games in real-time if you don’t have World of Warcraft live streaming. Punters have to watch the fights closely to see which team is ahead, based on the health and mana pool of their team members.

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Bookmakers who offer World of Warcraft in-play betting were quick to provide players with access to such streams. The alternative would be to go to Twitch, YouTube or even Facebook to get your facts straight in real-time. The more important the tournament, the more likely it is for all its games to be covered live. When the bookmaker has a stream on its website, you have the advantage of watching and betting in the same window. Since things change so quickly in WoW arenas, this is an invaluable plus. Betway, and Pinnacle provide their players with such advantages so they are easy to recommend.

The Best World of Warcraft Bookmakers

Since its arrival on the esports stage, World of Warcraft enjoyed a privileged position with top bookmakers. That’s why it is relatively easy to find gambling operators that offer World of Warcraft live betting. This means that the real challenge is the paradox of choice, as you have so many operators to choose from.

Also, we think that these three sports books below tick all the checkboxes:


For avid punters who enjoy esports and traditional sports just as much, Betway can look like the obvious solution. They’ve been developing their esports betting site for quite a while, while expanding their collection of traditional sports. If you are an MMORPG fan, then you hit two birds with one stone if you open an account here. They offer traditional and World of Warcraft live betting on a stable platform and have a reputation of paying players on time and in full.

Betway is one of the licensed bookies doubling the first deposit up to €30 and the bonus can be used on World of Warcraft in-play betting.

The most important Points:
84 / 100 Points
  • Well known and trustworthy operator
  • Dedicated esports section
  • Generous welcome offer
  • Licensed by the UK Gambling Commission

Any serious players know that GG is an acronym for Good Game. This means that gaming fans will be inclined to sign up for an account with This is a bookmaker that offers excellent odds when betting pregame or after the match has started. They’ve got a generous welcome bonus and the money can be used to bet on esports. For those who want to watch the matches in real-time, the state-of-the-art streaming service is a solid argument. There’s simply no need to turn on World of Warcraft Twitch, as you can watch the games you bet on their website.

Other popular esports are covered in detail, so World of Warcraft streaming is just the icing on the cake!

The most important Points:
95 / 100 Points
  • This operator is dedicated to esports betting
  • Extensive coverage of esports betting markets
  • Seasonal bonus offers for all customers


Professional punters love Pinnacle Sports simply because they have the best odds you can find online. This is just as helpful for World of Warcraft live betting as it is for betting on traditional sports. Top odds have been traditionally been a substitute for frequent bonuses and other offers. The matches are posted sooner than at most bookmakers, so you can bet on upcoming games many days before they start. At the opposite end of the spectrum are in-play markets, so popular among those betting live on WoW.

The most important Points:
81 / 100 Points
  • Offers high esports odds
  • Fully Licensed operator
  • Covers a wide range of esports tournaments
  • Betting app also available

World of Warcraft in-Play Betting in a nutshell

Thanks for reading our summary of the best bookmakers to bet on Blizzard’s flagship MMORPG!

Indulge in World of Warcraft live streaming straight on their website and place in-play bets on competitive matches. There are tournaments scheduled throughout the year so action never ends in the WoW arenas. A new expansion is just around the corner and we are almost certain that World of Warcraft will spend many years in the spotlight of esports.