Betting on Streamers

Esports betting is an immensely popular activity among modern punters and bookmakers provide their members with ample betting opportunities.

As the number of wagering options increases and live esports betting gains further traction, a new niche of esports gambling has emerged. Betting on esports streamers is a brand-new concept, but one that is built on solid fundamentals and has the potential to become the next big thing.

The most important Points:
96 / 100 Points
  • Unikrn was the first to provide options for betting on Streamers
  • Several popular Twitch streamers broadcast live games everyday
  • Special trading bots analyze the live action and provide odds in real-time
  • Accepts UKG and Skins for your streamers' bets

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How does Betting on Twitch Streamers Work?

The first steps are always the most difficult, so here are a few tips on how to bet on streamers for those who are doing it for the first time and need a bit of help.

Bookmakers providing the possibility of Twitch betting will offer odds on several markets and update these odds in real-time.

Everything that happens in the games broadcasted live by the streamer will have an impact, so each action is meaningful. Sportsbooks use special trading bots that analyze these actions and come up with live odds that reflect the balance of variables in real-time.


The most popular videogames and esports, such as League of Legends, Dota 2 and Fortnite, are currently available for betting on Twitch streamers.

As streamers broadcast their games live on Twitch, esports bookies, such as Unikrn and, will relay these very same videos on their platform so that punters can watch them whilst placing their bets in real-time.

The betting markets differ greatly based on the nature of the game, with many of them being also available in traditional esports betting. At the same time, betting on streamers opens up the possibility of exploring new and unique betting markets.

Is it worth Betting on Streamers?

Just because bookmakers have added yet another betting opportunity doesn’t mean that punters should rush blindly towards it.

Betting on Twitch streamers is now an option at several esportsbooks such as Unikrn and and more are expected to follow suit. These popular bookies are home to some of the best known streamers who broadcast their games on a daily basis.


One of the advantages of Twitch betting is that the games are played in a more relaxed environment, compared to professional esports. For casual punters, betting on streamers is a far more enjoyable experience than wagering on major domestic and international competitions. They are also familiar with the people they bet on and enjoy the time spent watching the games with or without wagering. The best simply provide them with the chance of making these games more exciting, which is always a plus.

What Makes Twitch Betting Special?

Betting on Twitch streamers is indeed a more suitable activity for recreational punters, but it has its own challenges. Those who choose to experience the thrills of Twitch betting should know that the betting markets can be quite different.

Depending on the game of choice, they can bet on mainstream events, such as the outright winner or niche markets: the final placement after a number of sessions in battle royale games, the total number of kills, deaths or assists in MOBAs and other special markets are offered on CSGO betting.


One of the main reason why betting on streamers is so different from classic esports betting is that you don’t know who joins the games. Random people can tag along and join the team of the streamer broadcasting the game while others are allotted to the opposite squad. This gives the games a sense of unpredictability, which explains the obvious balance between the odds offered by bookmakers.

In the long run, those who casually bet on streamers will also gain valuable knowledge for professional play. That’s because many of the streamers are actually pro-players who compete at the highest level in flagship international competitions.

Betting on Streamers Odds and Limits

Bookmakers offering these innovative betting opportunities strive to attract as many punters as possible. In order to achieve this objective, they offer competitive odds, which are on par with what they get on standard esports markets. It depends more on the bookmaker of choice how high the odds get, but the industry average revolves around 9/10 on coin flip events. Any average returns to player that inch closer to 95% are to be celebrated, but at the time of writing there are few bookies as generous as that.


In regard to the betting limits, they are also slightly lower when betting on Twitch streamers then standard esports. The lack of predictability, in conjunction with the absence of oversight has determined bookies to impose lower betting limits. They want to mitigate the risks of match fixing, so they only allow punters to bet a fraction of the amounts they regarded as acceptable on major esports tournaments.

It was only natural for those watching to start placing bets and for these bookmakers to start offering a secure environment to do so.