Imaqtpie Twitch Profile – A League of Legends Streamer

Imaqtpie’ choice for name will ring surprisingly familiar to many who are familiar with popular streamers, as it resembles the nickname of another Internet icon: Pewdiepie. Imaqtpie belongs to a very different breed of streamers, as he became famous online as an accomplished League of Legends player. Michael Santana has played for many years for prestigious North American teams and slowly, but steadily has developed a cult following. With nearly one and a half million followers and tens of millions of views, the 26-year-old is actually better known for his Imaqtpie Twitch channel than his LoL results.

Imaqtpie Michael Santana

Born in 1992, Michael is half Colombian and half Cuban, and he chose the nickname after hearing his mother describing him as cute. From a young age, he had two major hobbies: watching TV in general – the Food Network in particular, as well as playing video games. By the time he made the transition to League of Legends, he already had the drive and dexterity to succeed at the highest level. Well before he became an internationally acclaimed streamer, he founded the Oh God Bears team and began the search through the standings. Over the years, he kept in touch with the fans through the Imaqtpie Twitter.

The Road from League of Legends Glory to Streaming

The most successful online streamers play videogames and those who land on the Imaqtpie Twitch channel do so to watch him play League of Legends. They are of course, never disappointed, because Michael made a name for himself as an excellent mid-laner in the MOBA developed by Riot Games. He is famous for his amazing plays with Corki and throughout his career as a professional gamer, he won the National ESL Premier League. Through his Imaqtpie Twitter handle he stayed in touch with his fans during the three years with Dignitas, when he played some of his best games.

In 2014 he decided to take what looked at the moment as a permanent break from League of Legends and dedicate all his time and energy to streaming. He returned to the popular multiplayer online battle arena game in May 2017 as a member of Delta Fox. Michael was however unable to maintain the same high level of play as before the hiatus and gave up professional videogaming for good. The transition to streaming went surprisingly well and he won the Streamer of the Year Award in 2016 for his performance on the Imaqtpie Twitch channel.

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Imaqtpie Personal Life and Hints at a Comeback

The ones who visit the Imaqtpie Twitch channel often do so for more than the League of Legends games broadcasted by Michael. They enjoy his friendly demeanor and unmistakable charm and many of his Twitch followers stay up-to-date with his personal life. Santana humours them by providing updates about his relationship with a former diamond-tier League of Legends player, Lisha Wei. The pair got married and the ceremony was announced on Twitter, with Imaqtpie surprising his fans with his casual outfit.

Unlike other popular streamers, Imaqtpie has maintained the same friendly demeanour over the years and is regarded as a sociable and likable person. Since switching from professional gaming to live streaming, his net worth has grown significantly and everything seems to be going his way. On one hand, he was unlucky to shine the brightest on the League of Legends stage before the popular MOBA really exploded. The prizes today are significantly higher and his total winnings of roughly $32,000 from 21 tournaments pale in comparison to what modern professional players get these days.

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At the same time, his Imaqtpie Twitch channel emerged as a steady source of revenue and today his net worth is estimated at more than $1 million. Success didn’t have the same negative effect on him as it usually does on young people and Michael remains the same grounded and reasonable individual. The wedding was simple and tasteful, with the couple breaking the news via his Imaqtpie Twitter, where the fans got to see a couple of pictures including one of their witness, 2ndSequence, his longtime friend

The brief stint with Delta Fox in 2017 has reignited hope among some of his fans that Michael could return to professional gaming. For the time being, there is no solid reason to expect that his Imaqtpie Twitch channel will broadcast anything else than his casual League of Legends games and regular videos. Santana is simply too successful as a live streamer to have any reason to even try to claw his way back to the top in one of the most competitive industries.

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