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Unikrn Esports is one of the innovative bookmakers that have brought new concepts to the highly competitive sports betting industry. Unikrn UMode is such a concept that allows people to earn money playing games and place bets on their own matches. As a premier destination for sports betting, it has changed the way bonuses are awarded, to better meet the expectations of savvy video games punters.

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What is UMode Betting?

Unlike traditional gambling, which is not available in all countries, skill-based betting is accepted in far more jurisdictions. With Unikrn Umode, people can enjoy the thrills of betting and even make money playing Fortnite, League of Legends or DotA2. These are some of the most popular videogames of 2019 and if you reside in one of the supported regions, you can use the feature to bet on yourself.

All the aforementioned video games are supported, but the bets differ based on the game of choice. For instance, those who prefer Fortnite can wager on the solo first place win, or the solo top 10 placement. On the other hand, when betting on yourself in LoL, it is only possible to wager on the Ranked win. Matches have to start within 10, respectively 20 minutes of placed bet and last a predetermined number of minutes.

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How does the Unikrn Connekt work?

The fact that you earn money playing games is the obvious upside of getting aboard the Unikrn UMode bandwagon. Players earn each time they win, so skill is lavishly rewarded and the most experienced gamers rake the biggest rewards. Unikrn has envisioned this system as a ladder, with progressively better rewards for those who focus on the qualifying games. To better serve this purpose, the Unikrn Connekt points were introduced to provide players with the ultimate incentive to excel.

The Unikrn Connekt program requires players to select their games from the list of supported titles and authorize them. By playing ranked games, players have the chance of accumulating UKG points through UMode betting. Instead of trying to predict the outcome of the games played by professionals, you simply bet on yourself and are rewarded based on your performance. The Unikoins you earn can be used to participate in tournaments and giveaways or spent in other ways at Unikrn.


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How to Climb the Unikrn Connekt Ladder?

Fortnite was the first game supported by the Unikrn Umode program for those who play on PC, PS4 and Xbox. The first step is to connect the game when playing on consoles, but the best part is that the Unikrn Connekt level increases all the time. Players who move up this ladder will enjoy unique rewards, such as more bonus UKG when winning games, higher Unikoins holding limits and many more. As you bet on yourself, win and earn this virtual currency, you will have the resources needed to move up the ladder.

In order to increase the Connekt level one has to do some simple tasks, which change from one level to the other. Essentially, players are expected to earn and spend progressively more UKG to move all the way up to the 10th level. You start at Level 1 and earn money playing games, while also climbing the ladder when spending Unikoins. Once you get the hang of the UMode betting, earning and spending points becomes easier and the corresponding rewards only get better.

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How can You Spend the UKG You’ve Earned?

By taking part in the Unikrn Umode program, you make every ranked game victory more meaningful. When you bet on yourself and win, the corresponding points will be credited to your account promptly. Newly won ranked games require up to 24 hours to appear in the Unikrn Connekt, as stats are refreshed daily. The Steam account is used to connect and enjoy the advantages of UMode betting. Popular as it is, the program is in its infant stages, so for the time being, Halo 5 betting and other games are not supported.

When linking a new game, you need to make sure that your privacy settings don’t prevent Unikrn from accessing the game details. Customer support can provide assistance to those who need help, but the process is straightforward and players don’t normally run into any trouble. As you earn money playing games, the UKG resulting from Connekt earnings are being stored to your Unikrn Wallet. When the upper limit is reached, players have to spend it on the website to enter jackpots and other tournaments.

Unikrn UMode betting and real money gambling at Unikrn Esports are not mutually exclusive. You can earn money playing games and also make money by betting on pro-gamers on more than a dozen video games. If you deposit and wager in Unikrn UMode you’ll have to submit ID documents to complete the verification process. Once you do it, you’d be able to cash out winnings quickly and securely.

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