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Asmongold, other OTK members announce partnership with WePlay Esports

One True King, or OTK is an organization that is famous for organizing events and collaborating with popular streamers. OTK consists of big Twitch streamers such as Asmongold, Esfand, Mizkif, Jschlatt, Emiru, Rich Campbell, Nick Polom and others including the new recruit BruceDropEmOff.

Led by Asmongold, OTK has recently announced their partnership with WePlay Esports with a vision to upscale their content creation in the future.

WePlay Esports is one of the most popular gaming organizations with several bases and establishments across the world including Los Angeles, California and Kyiv, Ukraine.

OTK x WePlay Esports

OTK announced the partnership via their Twitter and Twitch accounts. During the announcement, Asmongold opened with a short speech, accompanied by other OTK members on stage.

“We’ve had a lot of trials and a lot of tribulations a lot of times and we’ve always written them off and said the easy thing that I think Mizkif just said offhand,” Asmongold said.

‘We’re a new org, these things happen.’ Well, not anymore because today, I would like to announce our partnership with WePlay.”

WePlay broke the news as well via their Twitter account:

“Thrilled to announce our new partnership with OTKnetwork which will see us work with your favorite creators on content, shows, and other media activities such as the OTKGamesExpo! We’re looking forward to working with OTK at our esports arena in Los Angeles!”

OTK co-founder and Chief Operating Officer Tipsout praised this joint collaboration and hailed WePlay’s Augmented Reality (AR) technology to help OTK upgrade content production.

“The augmented and virtual reality capabilities at WePlay Esports add a whole new dimension to collaborative content,” said Tipsout. “Content that would’ve normally required participants to be in the same physical space is now remotely accessible.”

Representing WePlay, managing partner and co-founder Yura Lazebnikov hoped this partnership would reach a wider audience for both organizations.

“We at WePlay Esports have always focused on expanding horizons and partnering with ambitious gaming market members. And we believe that OTK is exactly that!” Lazebnikov said.

WePlay Esports Chief Visionary Officer and general producer Maksym Bilonogov underlined the progress of WePlay’s expansion in Los Angeles, alongside OTK’s partnership

“We’ve been working for quite some time before finally launching our WePlay Esports Arena L.A. and are happy it happened with our OTKpartners,” Bilonogov said.

“Hopefully, the stream of June 7, 2022, was just the beginning of a series of our joint initiatives held in and out of our American arena.”

The LA-based WePlay Esports Arena is the company’s first expansion into the United States market. The arena boasts a 20,000-square-foot space and is designed particularly to integrate augmented-reality media and reach a wider digital audience worldwide.

OTK Games Expo

Following the OTK Games Expo that will be held on Asmongold’s channel, featuring a total of 30 video game titles, WePlay will also broadcast the event from their studio.

Prior to the Games Expo, OTK broadcasted many esports tournaments, charity events, and IRL productions in the past. The show will be streamed live from the WePlay studio in Los Angeles, with Intel, Razer, and Game Fuel as sponsors.