BLAST Premier: Fall Showdown Betting

BLAST Premier events were always something extraordinary and were surrounded by a lot of hype – and this time’s no different. BLAST Premier: Fall Showdown is starting in just a few days and will feature sixteen of the best CS:GO teams from Europe.

This also means there’s plenty of CS:GO betting opportunities. Loot.bet, among many other esports bookmakers, is ready with some pretty lucrative BLAST Premier: Fall Showdown odds, and all you have to do is place your bets and make the right calls. We’ll briefly cover the tournament format to get familiar with the schedule and the teams, and immediately after, we’ll be jumping straight into BLAST Premier: Fall Showdown predictions.


The Tournament Schedule

The BLAST Premier: Fall Showdown esports event will immediately begin with the Playoffs where the sixteen teams will play a series of best-of-three matches in a single-elimination bracket.

At the end of the event, only two top teams will make it to the BLAST Premier: Fall Finals. Qualifying for Fall Finals is the main objective here, but the $162.500 prize pool is also a great added incentive.

The tournament starts on October 12th and will last until October 17th. That gives us plenty of time to enjoy some quality CS:GO action and also make some money through BLAST Premier: Fall Showdown betting.

Blast Premier: Fall Showdown Odds

What better way to enjoy BLAST Premier: Fall Showdown than with some CS:GO betting. Many esports bookmakers already have BLAST Premier: Fall Showdown odds ready for their bettors.

Loot.bet is certainly one of the most popular esports betting sites and they’ve always had some of the best esports odds. If we take a look at their esports section, we’ll notice they already have all eight initial BLAST Premier: Fall Showdown matchups ready.


If you want to keep it simple, you can always bet on the match winner and call it a day. However, if you’re a bettor worth your salt, you will delve a bit deeper. Luckily, Loot.bet is prepared and they’re already offering additional Blast Premier: Fall Showdown esports odds such as Map Winner, Round 1 Winner, Round 16 Winner, Correct Round Score, and Handicap -2.5.

These Loot.bet odds are very balanced and quite high, offering great returns for those who are willing to take a bit of risk.

BLAST Premier: Fall Showdown Predictions

We finally get to the most important part – the predictions. Anyone can place a bet, but not everyone will win. Those who have the most esports knowledge and make the right predictions will have an edge when it comes to BLAST Premier: Fall Showdown betting.

All of the sixteen teams are incredible in their own rights, but in the end, only two teams will emerge victorious and qualify for Fall Finals. Of course, everyone will have different opinions on who those two teams will be, but as far as we’re concerned, those will be G2 Esports and Heroic.


In terms of overall BLAST Premier standings, both G2 and Heroic rank high in the top 5. G2 takes the third spot with 6550 points, while Heroic follows behind on the fifth spot with 4500 points. Of course, points alone don’t guarantee a victory, but they’re a good indication of how the team performed so far in the BLAST Premier 2021 season.

G2 is playing their first match against the Chinese Lynn Vision, and this is an almost guaranteed win for them. Heroic should also score an easy victory against POGGERZ and proceed to face the winner of the Team Fiend vs. Dignitas match.

According to our predictions, these two squads have the highest chance of qualifying and you should definitely keep an eye on them during the BLAST Premier: Fall Showdown esports tournament.