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Valve Brings the Dota 2 to India with ESL One Mumbai 2019

Dota 2 is the second most popular multiplayer online battle arena game in terms of active players and the best paying esport. Millions of people from all over the world enjoy it on a daily basis and there’s no shortage of enthusiastic fans in India. Not surprisingly, Valve found it worthwhile to add a new stop to the Electronic Sports League in this country. ESL One Mumbai 2019 has been announced and even though it will start three months from now, there’s already a lot of hype surrounding the event.


ESL One Mumbai 2019 Format and Prizes

The tournament is scheduled to begin on April 19, 2019 and to conclude two days later on April 21. A total of 12 teams will participate in this competition which has a guaranteed prize pool of $300,000. Seven will be directly invited to the event and they will be joined by five squads who have secured qualification. Each of them will represent a different geographical area, with one representative for NA, EU/CIS, China, SEA and India. At the time of writing, the information regarding the qualifiers, as well as the name of the invited teams remain unknown.

ESL One Mumbai 2019 will be the biggest live Dota 2 event in this country and it is expected to further enhance the popularity of the MOBA in India. In addition to the live matches that will represent the highlight of the event, participants will be entertained by fan activities and the traditional cosplay contest. Those interested in attending can already purchase the tickets online for the event that will be hosted by the NSCI Dome in Mumbai. Children younger than 12 years old need to be accompanied by an adult.

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Katowice and Birmingham are the Next ESL Stops

2019 started on a positive note with the ESL Hamburg being the first major tournament of the year. Dota 2 fans were thrilled to hear that the Katowice and Birmingham stops have been confirmed for February and May. The number of tournaments hosted in Asia is also expected to grow, after the success of previous events. ESL One Manilla in 2016 was the first experiment of this type and it proved to be a major hit, inspiring Valve to add additional stops.

In 2019, ESL is expected to consolidate its presence in Indonesia, where it has signed a partnership with the Salim Group to promote the already popular game. The esports ecosystem in this country is still in its infant stages and the same goes for India, so there’s a dire need of prominent tournaments. More information about ESL One Mumbai 2019 will be available as the kickoff of the tournament draws near, with the first to be announced being the dates for the qualifiers.

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