DPC 2021: Season 2 – North America

The North American Upper Division is entering into its third week, and so far we’ve seen no surprises. Evil Geniuses, Quincy Crew, and Undying still dominated without much effort, so we’ll have to see whether things will change in Week 3.

This DPC region is slightly different from the rest, where only the top two teams proceed into Majors, instead of the usual 3-4 teams we’ve seen with some of the other DPC regions.


We’ll quickly cover the basic esports tournament information and take a look at the teams. After that, we’ll jump straight into the action and go over Week 3 matchups. This is a great week for Dota 2 betting for all you betting strategists.

Tournament information

Similarly to other DPC regions, the North American one also has a $205.000 prize pool with identical distribution.

This time, only the top two teams proceed into the Major – 1st placed team qualifies for the Major Playoffs and the 2nd placed team goes directly into the Major Group Stage.

Single round-robin with all matches played as Bo3 means we’ll be able to enjoy non-stop Dota 2 action for weeks.

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DPC NA Season 2 – Current Standings

Two weeks have passed and we can already see how the situation might look like for these eight teams. The first three spots, unsurprisingly, are claimed by Evil Geniuses, Quincy Crew, and Undying. In the same order as it was at the end of Season 1.

4 Zoomers currently hold the fourth spot with 2 wins and 1 loss, and Black N Yellow are right behind them with a 1-2 score.

SADBOYS have lived up to their name, and the first two matches were nothing to write home about. They are sitting at the 7th spot with 2 losses.

The two newcomers from the Lower Division are here as well. Simply TOOBASED have managed to score one win but lost the other two. The Cut started off with 3 consecutive losses, and we don’t see them recovering that easily.


Week 3 Predictions

We’ll go over the six matchups for DPC NA – Week 3, and analyze the teams. We’ll throw in our own predictions for this week and offer some betting tips.

Undying vs. 4 Zoomers

Perhaps the most interesting match out of all six, considering that both teams play on similar playing fields when it comes to the overall team power.

While Undying did finish Season 1 one spot ahead of 4 Zoomers, and won with 2-1 against them, they still can’t let their guard down.

Still, we believe Undying will take this match and secure a third win for themselves.

Undying vs. Black N Yellow

This should be another easy win for Undying. They’ve faced off in Season 1 and Black N Yellow lost 2-0 to Undying.

We expect another 2-0 sweep for Undying, after which they’ll secure an early lead and the nr.1 spot with 4 consecutive wins.


One of the weaker matchups here, with both teams hanging around the bottom of the rankings.

However, simply TOOBASED are coming from the Lower Division, and they’ll probably be looking to use this opportunity to prove themselves. Right now, they have 1 win and 2 losses, so this will be a good chance for them to move away from the bottom where SADBOYS and The Cut are.

Our vote goes to simply TOOBASED here. We expect them to take a win here and overtake Black N Yellow on the 5th spot this week.

Quincy Crew vs. The Cut

This one is a no-brainer. Quincy Crew are miles ahead of The Cut, and we don’t think The Cut stands a chance here.

If you’re looking for a really safe Dota 2 bet, this is the match to bet on. We’ll probably see a clean 2-0 score for Quincy Crew, after which they’ll have 3 wins on this esports event.

Evil Geniuses vs. SADBOYS

The last matchup of the week, and it’s Evil Geniuses playing. Another safe bet here, nothing too much to say really.

Evil Geniuses finished 1st during Season 1, and generally they’re regarded as one of the best Dota 2 teams in the world. This will be an easy match for them, and they should take both games without any issues.

In season 1 they let down their guard against SADBOYS, causing them to lose game 1 unexpectedly. However, this time around, they’ll probably tighten up their defense and wrap this up as quickly as possible.