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Dr Disrespect destroys stream sniper in Call of Duty: Warzone 2

Herschel Beahm IV, a.ka. Dr Disrespect, overflowed with joy after eliminating a stream sniper in Call of Duty: Warzone 2’s Gulag.

The Doc noticed that a stream sniper was stalking him after hearing his stream from his enemy’s audio. Stream snipers have been a constant headache for streamers who play co-op games. They love to harass and disturb content creators, usually by killing them in-game.

Fighting a stream sniper is difficult as they know the victim’s location and actions. However, Dr Disrespect did not let the stream sniper intimidate him.

The Doc first eliminated his other opponent with a pistol before focusing on hunting the stream sniper. He launched a barrage of attacks while throwing insults at his opponent. Although the stream sniper had the upper hand, the Doc’s skills in FPS games let him land several upper-body shots at his enemy.

After killing the stream sniper, Dr Disrespect rose to his feet in delight. “I’m f**king feeling good. I’m feeling good!” he said.

Doc’s fans congratulated him and called the sniper a “loser.” However, the celebration ended abruptly as an unknown enemy eliminated Dr Disrespect.

Dr Disrespect criticizes Warzone 2

Although Dr Disrespect has been playing Warzone 2 a lot recently, the streamer has a low opinion of the game.

The Doc said the game would not “last very long” and called it “f**king phony” during a stream with Jack “CouRage” Dunlop. The two were preparing for the OpTic Texas 100k Warzone 2 event.

“Dude, there is literally no skill gap in this game, huh?” the Doc said.

CouRage said the developers designed the game so that anyone should be able to kill anybody. Beahm did not like the answer, saying that Warzone 2 was made for fourth graders.

“I’m just talking about this game in general right now – the way it’s tuned, and there’s literally no skill gap,” Dr Disrespect added.

Later, the YouTuber complained about how simple it was to get kills in Warzone 2 and how it was inferior to the first game. He wants Treyarch to build the next Call of Duty series games, preferably Blackout 2.

“I think it’s time we ditch Warzone. I don’t know, maybe, maybe not. But let’s get Treyarch back in the ball game, holy s**t. Treyarch makes fun,” the Doc said.

Dr Disrespect also has issues with Warzone 2 gameplay, which he calls “corny” because of the game’s erraticness. He and his squad were eliminated swiftly in some situations and considerably more slowly in other instances.

The Doc also said the campers in Warzone 2 were much more persistent and more annoying due to purple shields, proximity chat and killstreaks, which hurt honest players. The streamer also criticized Warzone 2’s looting system in previous streams.

Dr Disrespect is also unhappy about footstep sounds in the game, saying that the game should remove those sounds.

“I feel like that’s one of the things this game could really benefit from. Just completely eliminate footstep sounds. Don’t have it at all. Everyone has Dead Silence in every game mode. Multiplayer, Warzone. Just do that!” Doc said.

Other aspects of Warzone 2 that Dr Disrespect dislikes are the armor system, proximity chat, Gulag’s glitch and ADS flinch. Beahm insisted Warzone 2 might fail within “a month and a half” if the developers failed to fix those issues immediately.