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Dr Disrespect says looting system in Warzone 2 ‘atrocious’

Call of Duty former level designer and popular YouTube streamer Dr Disrespect criticized Call of Duty: Warzone 2’s looting system in a recent stream.

The streamer was repeatedly troubled by Warzone 2’s looting system during a YouTube live stream on November 16. In the original Warzone, eliminated enemies drop their items on the ground for others to pick up. However, only the weapons are dropped in Warzone 2. To obtain other items, players have to take extra steps. Dr Disrespect said the looting felt “atrocious” compared to the original Warzone.

“I don’t know what the f**k I’m looking at…I don’t even know…this looting experience, though, it’s something else. It’s atrocious. I mean it’s awful,” Doc said.

Dr Disrespect was also not impressed with the new mode in Modern Warfare II. He said the DMZ was “gimmicky” and “already dead.” He criticized the mode for the lack of footsteps audio and ranked playlist.

“Nobody wants to play that 6th-grade design,” Doc said.

Some agree with the 40-year-old’s opinion, but others have grown tired of the streamer’s constant negativity against the CoD series. His harsh criticisms might also be why he was not invited to a Warzone 2 promotional event.

Although the streamer was annoyed with the looting system, he seemed to enjoy playing the game in general. However, many fans still believe that Doc will return to Apex Legends once he is fed up with Warzone 2. Others said the streamer would delete the game like Modern Warfare II in the next stream.

Dr Disrespect praises CoD Black Ops 2

Although Doc relentlessly criticizes the CoD series’ recent games, the streamer once loved the series. On the 10th anniversary of CoD: Black Ops 2 on November 13, the streamer posted a tweet saying that the old games were better than recent CoD games.

“10 years ago. Easily the best Call of Duty overall. When design decisions felt thought out and were meaningful,” Dr Disrespect said.

Doc said the old games were well thought out and fun, unlike the newer ones. Fans agreed with the streamer and began to share the aspects of the classics that they love. One fan said games were no longer fun, especially Infinity Ward’s games.

“It’s all about catering to little Johnny and Jane, who don’t even care about the game in the first place,” one fan said.

Doc dislikes Deadrop being compared to Project X

Besides the CoD series, Dr Disrespect also seems not to be interested in 100 Thieves’ upcoming game, Project X. Fans have been comparing Doc’s Deadrop and Project X due to the similarities they have found. On November 15, gaming news reporter Jake Lucky posted pictures comparing the two games on Twitter. Doc was not happy with the comparison.

“Don’t compare us to them, please Jakey pooh. We’re on a whole other level over here. Trust me, in the end, you’ll see,” Doc said.

The tweet received a mixed reaction from fans. Some agreed, saying that Doc’s game was better. Others backed Project X, and Some others made fun of the drama.