Top ESL Pro League betting tips and best betting sites

ESL Pro League is one of the biggest CS:GO professional leagues in the world. Thanks to backing by ESL, the ESL Pro League always has large prize pools, the best teams, and the best event locations.

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In this article, we are sharing some ESL Pro League betting tips so that you can prepare yourself when the tournament starts. Before we get into the exciting stuff, such as finding the best ESL Pro League Live betting sites, let’s take a look at ESL Pro League’s history and why it’s such an important event for the CS:GO competitive scene.

Tournament Overview & ESL Pro League Live Streaming

For a very long time, ESL has been a dominant force in competitive esports, particularly CS:GO. The ESL Pro League started in 2015 as a way to promote high level Counter Strike across the world.

Since the first ESL Pro League Season in 2015, the event has been widely popular. ESL Pro League is now hosted around the world and the top teams from all continents have to fight for a spot through regional qualifiers. 

Unlike other events, which usually consist of a single main event and very small qualifier events, even the regional qualifiers for each season of the ESL Pro League have prize pools. For example, ESL Pro League Season 7 had qualifiers for Europe, North America, South America, and Asia/Pacific. Whilst the final event had a $750,000 prize pool, the qualifiers also had up to $107,000 each.

Usually, there are two ESL Pro League seasons every single year. This means that there’s close to $2 million in prize pool money given out just through ESL Pro League each year.

If you’re interested in finding the ESL Pro League live streaming platforms, keep an eye out on ESL’s Facebook page. Alternatively, you can find a bookmaker that supports live streaming. More on that below.

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Tournament Format

The ESL Pro League season will start with the regional qualifiers. There are a number of ways to get into the qualifiers. The top 9 teams from last year’s regional qualifier are automatically invited.

After that, two spots are open for relegation, and one spot is open for the team that can win that season’s ESEA Premier. Whilst most of the slots are always going to go to the top teams, there’s always the chance for your everyday team to rise through the ranks and make it into the event by winning ESEA Premier. This entire process is carried out for Europe, North America, South America, and Asia/Pacific.

Each region will have a round robin format across a series of weeks. Points are awarded for wins and draws. The 8 top teams from each region to get the most points will proceed to the finals.

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The finals will start with a double elimination group stage. There will be two groups of 8 teams each. After the group stage plays out, the playoffs will begin. During the playoffs, best of three matches are used for the quarterfinals and semifinals, whilst the grand final will be a best of 5.

Because of the seasonal format, you never have to wait long for the next ESL Pro League match. Whether it’s the grand final, a small match in the regional qualifiers, or anything in between, there’s always something near to look forward to. This means that if you’re a bettor, there’s always an opportunity almost every day for ESL Pro League live betting or pre-match betting.

ESL Pro League Live Betting – Best Places to Bet

If you’re interested in ESL Pro League In-play betting or making bets pre-match, you’ll need to find a suitable online bookmaker. In this section, we have listed two bookmakers that we think deserve to be mentioned. Both of these bookmakers have excellent service, great odds, and a whole range of markets to bet on during ESL Pro League matches.

Below is an overview of each of these bookmakers.

Betway Esports

You may already be aware of Betway. They are one of the biggest traditional sports betting websites in the world. In recent years, Betway has pushed to support as many esports titles as possible.

As a result, Betway’s coverage of the ESL Pro League is incredible. So not only do you get world class service and support, but you also get to partake in ESL Pro League In-play betting and pre-match betting on Betway. Betway is fully licensed in the UK and Europe and they are easily one of the most respected betting companies on a global level.

Betway also has a 100% welcome bonus offer up to €30, so if you sign up today, you’ll be able to get up €30 extra to make bets with. If you ever need any help, Betway’s 24/7 live support will only ever be a click away.


Pinnacle has quickly become one of the best esports betting platforms in the world. Not only do they have an incredible website interface, but they also have a standalone mobile app to make betting on the go easy.

Pinnacle is also fully regulated in the EU and they have some of the best odds for esports we’ve seen so far. This means that if you deposit your funds into Pinnacle for ESL Pro League in-play betting or pre match betting, your funds will be secured.

If you’d like to watch matches as you bet, Pinnacle also offers ESL Pro League live streaming support. Unfortunately, Pinnacle does not have a welcome offer currently, but what they do offer makes up for that fact.

Where to find the best ESL Pro League Betting odds

If you’re looking for the best ESL Pro League betting odds, a good place to start is Pinnacle. With Pinnacle, you can always expect to find very competitive odds. Whether you’re betting pre-match or during play, you can be confident in knowing that Pinnacle will have your back by offering the best betting odds possible.

If you want to take things a step further, you can sign up to multiple bookmakers and have them all open at once. You can then compare odds as you bet. This is especially useful for those interested in ESL Pro League In-play betting because you are able to quickly see the best odds as they are updated live.

No matter what, as long as you choose a betting provider we’ve listed on this website, you can always expect to get odds as close to the best odds possible. All of the bookmakers we suggest are very competitive when it comes to their odds.

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ESL Pro League Betting Tips – Which Team to Bet On

Ultimately, the best team to bet on during ESL Pro League will depend on the circumstances. Teams are constantly updating their rosters and the individual performance of each player is always changing.

The best thing you can do is research each team before you make a bet. You can often find stats online about how teams have performed recently and also how teams have performed against their matchup in the past.

You can use this information to make an educated decision on who to bet on. To make safer bets, try to aim for games that are best of three matches or best of five matches.

Alternatively, you could consider spreading your betting balance across as many matches as possible. If you make educated bets then chances are you’ll come back with more bets won than bets lost.

Some good resources online for making bets include the csgobetting Subreddit, Liquipedia, and HLTV.

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Final Remarks

Thanks for taking the time to read our guide on ESL Pro League betting. Hopefully, you now know everything there is to know about making smart bets. For a quick summary, here’s what we covered in this article.

  • ESL Pro League history and event format
  • The best places to bet on CS:GO matches online
  • Tips for choosing who to bet on
  • Tips on finding the best odds